Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Official 100

OOOPS...that last one was 99.



Number 100

Ok...this is the last one for the was a record setting month on posting...I know I kept you guys really busy with the reading material.

Next month I will slow it down a little. Well maybe...unless I have some things on my heart to share.

This is post number 100 and it is the last one...everybody say it with me....THANK GOD.

Lots of Posts

I know there were a lot of posts today...I was making up for yesterday... :D

The ELEV8FLIX Envelope

Hey readers. I really would like to get some feedback on my two graphics for the summer.

I really thought the NETFLIX envelope would work great as a mailer for a church. I had a brainstorm about it that I thought a church could use. It might be a little expensive but it would be an eyeopener.

You could actually design it as a an envelope and put a DVD in it. The DVD would have a promo for the series and then some extras that would give people an inside look at the church.

I really think it would get people to open and check it out. Especially if the front was kept really plain. On the back of the envelope could be info on the series and a message from the pastor.

It might be a little extra in cost...but do you think it would be an attention getter.


Summer Blowout

Last night we had our Summer Blowout for Elevate.

Several things went down for the's the re-cap for those that won't to know.

They stopped counting at 101. Then we had more come in at the end. Nights like this we end up having a lot and they are hard to track because there are so many elements.

There were probably around 110+ total on the night...17 first time guests.

Two First Time Salvations and Seven Rededications.

To kick off the night we had inflatable games and basketball outside. At 7 we came in for our Elevate meeting and our band kicked it off with three songs.

We did Solution off the new Hillsong United cd...first rocked. This song is on my myspace page if you want to hear or go to their myspace.

Next we did Living For You by Gateway Worship. Song was rocking and our teens started filtering to the front to praise God.

We then rocked it with What the World Will Never Take by Hillsong the time we were about one quarter into this song about 60 teens were up front praising and worshipping.

It was awesome...there was so much energy going with our worship team...I was sweating and when that song ending we went into a fourth unplanned song...Evermore by Hillsong United.

Obviously you can see we like Hillsong United.

HillsongUnited Myspace

After that we went into our nugget time (offering). Then I spoke a message called The Divine Factor about how without God everything is meaningless.

Then we did the D Factor live show. And three guys were challenged to drinking a happy meal was nasty.

To end the night we had an hour concert with a band named "THEY". Check out their myspace. They rocked our socks off...totally jammin...and I would refer them to anyone.

Totally awesome night. Success. Thanks to a great team who worked hard....YOU GUYS AND GALS ARE THE BEST.

I Want To Read

Five days into the Pentecost Fast. I have really been enjoying reading through Acts. But I still want to read some of you guys and gals out there. Five More Days. Be Praying For Us.

Thoughts From Acts Part 4

One major thing that stands out to me in Acts...NO ALTAR CALLS.

You never see any of them say, "Ok, everyone bow your heads, no one looking around."

Don't see it. Actually you see the opposite. They pretty much had to go all in or nothing. They had to take the "dip" and there was no other option.

Now I'm guilty of this you see. I am the one who says the above thing each and every week during the most important time of our meeting. I believe so much that every week there should be a salvation call.

And you know what, every week we have people at our altar. Every week someone commits their life to God. Our teens make sure of it. They make sure they have their friends there every week because they know that it is going to be an opportunity for them to hear about what God has done for them.

But they didn't do that in Acts. You know what they did say...."Repent and be baptized."

It was all in. All or nothing. There was no going back. I believe the call was greater then. Now...even I give them the wimpy way in.

Makes me want to get a baptismal installed and we do it right then and there each week.

DivineFactor-cast Episode 31

DivineFactor-cast...Podcast #31 for Elevate...Here we go...Jason Curlee, Shelly Stokes, and Rachel Cullers talk about the night with Onessimo Morales, Jessenia Hernandez, Tommy Montoya and Maritza Delgado.

This week our message is called "The Divine Factor". It is by Jason Curlee and it about how without God everything is meaningless.

Our nugget time is by Jason Curlee.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Thoughts From Acts Part 3

Here are my thoughts today as I continue my journey through Acts:
  • As a communicator we must keep it real. If God is in it, we don't need to work it...Acts 11:15
  • Every chapter I see the word grew or increase or quite a number. This should be the heartbeat of the church today. I don't ever want to hear any excuses from myself.
  • There were some strategic interactions that God lined up. The Ethiopian and the captain from Caesarea. Who is God strategically bringing across my path.
  • All they seemed to really do everywhere is tell there story. That's what witnesses do...they just tell their story.
  • Thought it was interesting that they were praying for Peter to be released in Acts 12 and when he showed up...they didn't believe it. What kind of faith was that???
  • In Acts 13:12 the Governor had to see a miracle to believe. I think there are some people that need that and God meets them in their faith. And we shouldn't condemn them for it.
  • Wouldn't it be cool if practically the whole city showed up to hear the Word of God? What am I thinking? Where the heck would they sit? Bet that's what the church thinks. Would we even be ready? Could you ever really be ready for that?

It Was Painful

My wife was reading blogs in front of me was so painful.

And no I'm not promoting cigs even though this guy has one...

Elev8Flix 2

Here is my other graphic for the Elev8 Flix Series. This one will mainly be used to handout.

Elev8Flix Graphic 1

Made two graphics for next months series.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Thoughts From Acts Part 2

Should be posting up some thoughts from Acts each day as my time permits in the evening.

One thing is for sure. I sure would like to see a movement start. It starts with only a spark. Is my life a spark? What about yours?

As I read it seems more and more that God is the one in control. I can pray and read and work hard...but God gives the increase.

Loved this verse from Acts 2:23 "this Jesus, following the deliberate and well-thought-out plan of God"

God, I believe, has a deliberate and well-thought-out plan for each of us. OUR DESTINY.

What are we doing to align ourselves into that plan?

I can see the plan of God for our lives like a railroad track. It is a deliberate plan God has designed. He has given us the gifts, talents, and all the intelligence we need to succeed in that plan. His plan is also about us building His kingdom no matter what area of life that is in.

Often times our lives though intersect with God's plan as we cross that track. Sometimes we are on one side building our kingdom. Sometimes we are on the other side. Sometimes we keep on His track and stay longer on it than at other times. The goal though is to get on His track and stay there.

My Life A Blog

Is My Life A Blog? Is My Blog A Life? come this cartoon is so me?


Man I want to read a blog...What's going on out there in the blogosphere? Are all my friends ok? Agghhh.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Thoughts From Acts Part 1

So today starts my journey through the Book of Acts over the next 10 days. Today I read Chapters One through Eight from the Message Translation.

Here are my thoughts:
  • In Chapter One, Jesus told the disciples they would get the Holy Spirit and be witnesses. Then Jesus was taken up and the disciples stood there staring. How often are we staring and waiting for God to act or waiting for a move of God when we should be going. Quit staring!!!
  • Together was a huge theme in those first chapters. If it were the theme of today would we perhaps accomplish as much?
  • We must speak the language of those around us. Church today is still speaking the language from 20 to 30 years ago. R-E-L-E-V-A-N-T
  • The early church grew exponentially. 3,000 in one day then to 5, infinity and beyond. Is there anyway to prepare for that? Who cares lets do it!!!
  • They weren't adding Christians...over and over it said they were adding disciples. Jesus didn't come to make Christians He came to make disciples.
  • There's that word INCREASE again - a recurring theme in the first six chapters. By leaps and bonds...increased dramatically...they multiplied faster than rabbits...there were so many they stopped counting...either that or they couldn't count that high back then. HAHAHAHA...that was a joke.
  • Stephen got his preach on....but this phrase stood out to me. Acts 7:55 "But Stephen full of the Holy Spirit, hardly noticed--he only had eyes for God." OH that's good...very James Bondish...
  • In Chapter 8 persecution forced the Church into the world. Would they have stayed if not? Is that why we stay?
  • There was an infectious quality. They infected everything around them. Do we? Are we contagious anymore?
  • After eight chapters...I don't remember a single altar call...only "Repent and be Baptized"...not would you like to get saved today...they repented and dipped on the spot...Guess I need to put in a purchase request for a hot tub in the youth room...HEY IT'S BIBLICAL...well maybe not.

Taste The Rainbow

I know it's not gonna flood.

We spotted this outside our house May 27, 2007, @ 7:50 pm.

Double Taste of the Rainbow

I Want To Read

I so want to read a blog post right now...a book...agghhhh.

Catch Up On The Fast

Don't, May 27, 07...we have started a 10 day fast to see God do something awesome.

I am also going to be reading through the book of Acts, probably a couple of times.

If you don't already know about it, read this post to catch up.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Defend At All Costs

I have interacted with hundreds of youth ministry leaders and pastors over 13 years of ministry.

One major problem I see is Defending At All Costs.

To often I have seen people spend so much time and energy defending what they "think" they know. Youth Pastors are the king of this. I should know.

You sit down with them to give them some tips and they don't listen...they have their own playbook.

When I first started out in coaching at a private school we played flag-football. Coming from playing college football I figured I knew the game and so I came up with all these fancy plays and defenses. We actually did very well with that our district that was. You see that first year every team in our district was playing this sport for the first time. I thought we were going to go dominate the state.

The first game in the playoffs we got a rude awakening. We met up with a team that had been playing flag-football for many years.

They had plays that took advantage of all the rules. They waxed the floor with us.

I had thought that I had it all figured out. I had the formula...and I had the determination. And you know what I found out. I didn't know JACK.

Some of the greatest ministry leaders that I know don't defend but are determined to get it right no matter what the cost. Usually that is a cost to them personally. Sometimes that cost is a willingness to say we just don't know or a willingness to say that the way we were doing it isn't working.

I have seen churches slave away for years...almost a decade...doing the same thing trying to get different results. Well you know what. It just isn't going to happen.

That is insanity.

You need to find someone that is getting great results and sit down and listen...ask questions...don't be so quick to be the next guru. The greatest leaders I know are always asking questions and listening. Taking that one idea they heard and maximizing it in their own organization.

Cell Phone Linebacker Part 1

Here is part one of the cell phone linebacker saga.

43 seconds long

View Part 2
View Part 3

Cell Phone Linebacker Part 2

Here is the second part of our Cell Phone Linebacker.

53 seconds long

Friday, May 25, 2007

Take The Challenge

On Pentecost Sunday (May 27, 07) myself and a couple of buddies will begin a 10-day fast. This fast was initiated by Mark Batterson.

I want to encourage and challenge you to take the fast with us.

Fasting is simply giving something up for the purpose of seeking God.

The early believers went to the upper room and prayed for 10 days and Pentecost happened and then they went and turned the world upside down.

I am also stupid or naive just enough to believe that God is just big enough to do something crazy like that again.

Here's the deal...we aren't going to tell you how to do it. For each person it's going to be different.

As Mark said, "You might want to fast TV. The season finales are over anyways! You might want to fast sleep or fast a hobby. You might want to fast food or fast fast food."

I have chosen to not read blogs or books for those 10 days and am only going to read the Book of Acts.

I'm believing for a great move to happen in my life and ministry. What about you? Will you take up the challenge?

I'll be praying for those who are teaming up with me. Leave me a post if you are as I want to know who you are.

What It Is - Is Who I Am

If you are a department head or ministry leader here is a tough reality you may need to face head on:
Your ministry is nothing more than a distinct reflection of you.
For many years I have told other student ministry pastors that if you have been in the same place for about three years then the people you are leading and your department will be a reflection of you.

If you are disorganized, then your department will be disorganized.

If you cut corners ethically, then you will probably be facing the same challenge in your department.

If your thinking is sloppy, then your department will be sloppy.

I love planning, strategy, and administration. I naturally have a lot of people that have similar characteristics in my department. In fact, those that aren't usually don't survive long which is something I have to work on.

Two things are so true about this: 1) we attract people we are like, 2)we reproduce who we are.

So if your ministry is to must change first. If you are unwilling to change then your ministry will never be capable of giving you what you want.

One way you can start the change is by Developing A Life Plan.

Destiny Unfolding

This past week in our meeting I set back and watched how destiny has unfolded

12 years ago I made a decision to do student ministry. A decision that has seen it's share of mountain tops and valleys. Often times the fruit of what you planted is not seen in the here and now.

I made a decision to run to my destiny. A decision I never look back on with regret. In fact it is now seeing the fruit of that labor that continues to put a drive in me to reach more people.

It was awesome to sit in that meeting and see 3 teens from the ministry we were pastors over 7 years ago now on staff with me. Two of them were so dear to our family as their dad was the Associate Pastor when I first came on staff there in 1995.

Their family faced some serious challenges and struggles for the past 10 years and we have started to see God bringing things back together.

When we choose to reach our destiny we won't always see the fruit or have everyone run and tell us how great we are, but the seeds you plant will grow and you will reap a harvest one day.

Who knows, the life you may reach today may set the world on fire tomorrow.

What They Don't Tell You

If you are a Pastor, associate, staff, or team member, Steven Furtick gives some great What They Don't Tell You advice.

Here is how he kicks off the three part series:
I am pretty much a leadership conference/leadership book/leadership blog junkie. I try to go to some type of leadership training event at least every other month. I follow about 10 leadership blogs daily. I attempt to read one leadership book per week. And after all that, I still feel hungry for more.

Not because there’s a shortage of material on leadership. But because the books and talks and blogs usually don’t tell the whole story. There is always a back story of struggle behind every front page story of success. There is usually an ugly underbelly of disappointment on the flipside of the sunny side of leadership accomplishments. There are footnotes of failure beneath every happy ending.

So here’s a 3 part series on what they (the books and keynote speakers) don’t tell you. The stuff that rarely make it past the editor, because it doesn’t sell books. The bone chilling (and sometimes liberating) truth about some of the challenges of leading a thriving ministry.
Read all three articles if you feel these could be just for you.

What They Don't Tell You PART 1
What They Don't Tell You PART 2
What They Don't Tell You PART 3

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Original and Shared Content

I have been trying...not so successfully sometimes...on creating totally new material here at Making Difference Makers. What I don't want to become is a blog that just regurgitates other blogs. UNLESS. Unless I come across some material that I think could be really helpful to others. Part of the goals for this blog is to get great resources into the hands of ministry leaders who may be reading.

So if you see a post in the future that may be linked to something someone wrote just know that I thought it was really valuable to someone who may be reading.

I do have a page that has many posts that I read that I feel are share worthy but not post worthy. You can see any of these articles on my Google Reader - Shared Items.

What is Podcasting?

What is Podcasting and why should you listen to ours?

Let's Ask a Ninja:

Let us be your factory. Hieee-Yaaaa!!!

Listen to our podcast online at

Or subscribe through itunes...(which is my favorite method)...>>>Click Here<<<

Cell Phone Linebacker Part 3

This is a video we created which is actually Part 3. I hope to edit the other two to put on our youtube site so you can see the evolution of it.

In part 1 and 2 our cellphone linebacker explains his purpose which is why he doesn't have a speaking part in this episode.

We created it as a light hearted way to get our teens to be aware to not use their phones during our meeting time.

It is 1 minute and 37 seconds.

The D Factor Blooper Episode

Episode 4 of "The D Factor" is our blooper reel.

Get caught up with our other episodes:

The D Factor Episode 1
The D Factor Episode 2
The D Factor Episode 3

DestinyFactor-cast Episode 30

DestinyFactor-cast...Podcast #30 for Elevate...Here we go...Juno Garcia, Jason Curlee and Shelly Stokes talk about the night and about detiny with Onessimo Morales, Jessenia Hernandez and Maritza Delgado.

This week there is no message from our meeting but we have thrown in a powerful nugget time by Juno Garcia.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Run To Your Destiny

David and Joseph were both faced with the same decision. That was whether or not to commit adultery. They both handled that decision in two exactly opposite ways.

Yes, God forgave David for deciding wrong, but that one decision sure had some major consequences. I often wonder what David missed out on because he chose so poorly in that decision. I wonder how differently his children may have turned out. Would he have faced the problems he faced with losing the throne? Would there have been as many problems in his lineage?

But Joseph on the other hand chose to run. I think Joseph didn't run so much away from sin as he ran to his destiny. Imagine what would have happened if Joseph would have chose to commit adultery. Would he have been forgiven? Yes. But how would the consequences have been different. Would he have been second in command of Egypt? Would the Israelites been allowed to flourish in Egypt?

Genesis 39:9 ends with Joseph saying, "How then could I do such a wicked thing and sin against God?"

Joseph had his focus on his eternal destiny. As we stay focused on our eternal destiny it will help us to stay on the path God has designed for our lives.

So Many Posts

23 days into the month and this is post number 68 already...don't know what's gotten into me. Maybe it was taking a whole week off. But this is now a new monthly record that will be broken with each new post.

Pentecost Fast

My buddy Randy at The Confessions Stand called me up tonight and presented an awesome idea.

He had read Mark Batterson's post on Pentacost Fast and challenged me to do it with him. I was down with it. I am going to fast and pray for his church and he is going to do the same for me.

Go read Batterson's post and take the challenge with us. I haven't decided what to fast and probably won't tell you either. I will be challenging my staff as if your reading get ready. I think Tyler is already down with me as well.

If you are going to participate with us please leave me a comment with details about where you are so I will know how and what to pray for.

Take the 10 day Pentecost Fast with us.

Hey Mark...count us in...I'll be praying for you as well.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cell Phone Linebacker 3

Had fun making and editing this one tonight.

It will go in our video announcements called The Blitz.

Hot Blog Alert

Two new blogs on the scene...both great friends of mine.

First is one of my best friends...Juno Garcia. He is laying it down in his blog. Great insights and very inspirational. Pop him in your blog reader and give him a try for a couple of days. Gee...I wonder if he gets most of his material from me.

The other is Randy Reed...Randy is a friend of mine who is a new church planter in Iowa. Although new to the blogging scene Randy is a great communicator who I'm sure you will enjoy. You can check him out at The Confessions Stand.

Check them both out.

More Editing

I'm off to edit two videos tonight. Our weekly which we shot a new episode of the cell phone linebacker and our blooper episode of THE D FACTOR.

United Is Here

The wait is finally over. Thank God.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Blowing Your Opening

Tim at had a great post today on your opening 3 minutes when communicating called "Ten ways to save your presentation after you've blown it".

This is very true and probably one of the least worked on parts. Sometimes it can actually come down to your first opening paragraph. But what can you do if you blow the can you get them back?

Here are five ways that stood out from his list. Read his post as he elaborates on each.


Pirate Promo

Latest Elevate Promo Graphic with a little Pirate Pizazz.

Using Google In Ministry

Google is a fantastic tool to use in ministry.

I've seen the future...and it is google-icious. I know what it's like when change comes. You resist. You fear the unknown.

But it's time. It's time to give in and switch to google.

Why you say??? Why Not, I say.

There are so many resources you can use. First of course is gmail, then documents and spreadsheets, picasa, blogger, oh did I tell you they have their own Free 411 information phone line, and the lists go on and on and on.

Right now I am testing some of these features with our staff by linking us together on some documents. We are putting a series synopsis together and I have them all linked up to it in Google Documents.

igoogle, ugoogle, but why don't wiigoogle

Pastors Of The Big Screen

Came across a great post from Shawn Lovejoy called Pastor's of the Big Screen. This post was right on track. Be sure to read it in entirety and check out other things Shawn writes.

Here is what I took away from the post:

1) Pastors in the "multi-site" rage of today need to "equip" people for ministry when it comes to teaching and not perpetuate "doing the ministry".

2) Pastors of the "multi-site" need to be committed to NOT building our church around one person or personality.

3) Don't burn out by being the only one.

Here is how he ended the post:
But here's the question: Is my job REALLY building attendance as quickly as possible, or equipping leaders to launch a movement that is not centered around me, can far out last me, and be exponential in nature over time? You answer the question...

Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Challenge Of A Warrior

Don Juan in Tales of Power said, "The basic difference between an ordinary man and a warrior is that a warrior takes everything as a challenge while an ordinary man takes everything either as a blessing or a curse."

Now I don't want to take anything away from blessing and favor because I believe highly in both of them. To add to it though, I really think there is something to be said of the person who takes what life has thrown at them as a challenge.

I believe God loves to see His children overcome obstacles. How many times does he say in the first few chapters of Revelation, "To he who overcomes."

Take the challenge of a warrior and go knock down some mountains. Problems and obstacles are only opportunities in disguise. They are the stones that sharpen us taking us to the destiny God has for us.

Be Extraordinary Today. Climb the mountain. Take The Challenge. Grab Life By The Mane.

United - Solution

This is finally the week of the release of the new Hillsong United CD.

Here is a taste if you want one:


Volunteer Appreciation - Shelly

Since I dubbed it "Volunteer Appreciation Week" (at least in my world) I thought I would keep the trend going each week by hopefully spotlighting a volunteer that stands out each day.

One such one is Shelly Stokes.
Shelly is our Administration Director who works on countless administrative projects behind the scenes. Shelly thanks for the selfless work you do. The long hours typing things out for us. Never being in the spotlight of the night but doing it all for a greater cause. You are one of our heroes and are so appreciated.

Your roll on the podcast is a fun one for me. You bring a great and funny personality and have begun to come out of your shell lately on it.

Thanks for being willing to stop everything and help when needed. Your awesome.

The Center of It All

I am still reading Off-Road Disciplines: Spiritual Adventures of Missional Leaders by Earl Creps. After about reading eight chapters the one thing that really stood out to me is that today's church is really set up with the pastor being the center of everything.

And the truth is from a lot of churches I see across America I really feel a lot of Pastor's like it that way or they don't know how to break that trend. I'm sure it can be quite an ego feed for them.

This is probably why I work so hard at it not being that way in our ministry. I don't want our teens or young adults to have this super-reliance on me and I don't want to feed into that type of system.

Two things I strive for are:

1) Push them to be responsible for their own growth and relationship with God.

2) Get our team involved in every way possible to put them in the spotlight.

A third way which we are implementing in small ways is to:

3) Have small groups led by team members.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

The E-Myth Revisited

I picked up a copy of The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It.

This is a book I had been picking through a little each time I went to the book store. Michael Gerber is the author and it gives many principles that churches and ministries could use to better themselves.

It has moved up to the top of my reading list right now.

My Future Ebook

Here is a post that is real relevant to what I do. My hopes is within the coming year to right an e-book on it. Although it is titled youth ministry. I think these principles are a solid way I would do any ministry by.

Principles of Youth Ministry

1. Do ministry on PURPOSE
2. PLAN for success
3. Create USER-FRIENDLY environments
4. Foster a spirit of EXCELLENCE
5. TEACH for change
6. Add the WOW FACTOR
7. Develop highly productive TEAMS

I would love to hear what some of your principles are.

Spiderman 3 Review

Here is my review of Spiderman 3. First off, I know there has been some not so good reviews on some blogs I read. Gary hated it, Josh gave it a C+, Tony said it was good but not his favorite, Tadd and I totally agree with loving it.

Here is my breakdown:

There was more of a story woven through this one. It really illustrated the battle within. Bitterness is a disease that can eat away at our soul. It was a battle Peter Parker faced throughout this whole movie.

One of the things that lots of people were probably expecting was non stop action and probably less story. I thought it was balanced as they had to tie up some things if there are no future Spiderman movies.

This one was packed with lots of villains, battles and still left room for potential future possibilities.

Mindless Dribble

That's why I will keep it short.

Today is finally the day when I get to see Spiderman 3. I know there are mixed reviews. Too long, too many plots. Get real folks it's Spiderman and I'm gonna see it anyway and will probably buy the dvd when it comes out just because it's Spiderman and it has Venom.

Off to unplug for 2.5 hours.

Friday, May 18, 2007

I Appreciate My Peeps

I've decided to make the next 7 days "Volunteer Appreciation Week" called "I Appreciate My Peeps".

I am tagging 5 blog writers and asking you to say something awesome about your volunteers on your blog and then tag 5 others.

To help me track this please leave in the last line of this post. I want to try to track and post the results of how many bloggers this went out to.

Here is what I have to say to my volunteers.

To the most awesome team in the universe: You guys and gals are so unbelievable awesome. From your selfless behind the scenes work. To the crazy and zany antics we pull off each week. We couldn't do this without you. I am so thankful to have you along for the journey and hope that I can help you be all you can be.

Ok, now it's off to Tyler, Chris, Dave, Tony, & Travis.

This post called "I Appreciate My Peeps" was started on at 11:08 pm May 18, 2007 by Jason Curlee. Please keep it going until 11:08 pm on May 25, 2007.

Let Me Know

Hey...if you're out there reading...let me know sometime...leave a comment on a post you like...let's me know if I'm on track.

JH Girls Night

My awesome wife, had a great junior high girls night. Altogether they had 12, which was three times the normal we have ever had in getting this going.

I patiently now waiting for a post from her on it.

Communicating From Good To Great

Talk about taking your communication from Good To Great.

Steven Furtick had an excellent post called Good To Great that is an excellent read for any church communicator.

Here's a sample:
We wouldn’t have to spend so much time yelling at students about not going to wild parties if we could teach them the implications of Acts 1:8, and they truly embraced the weight and potential of their calling as witnesses of the Most High God.
Their motivation for not going to wild parties would go from good
(the preacher told me not to and it makes God mad)
to great (God has an intricate and brilliant plan for my life and to screw it up with sin would diminish His glory).

Developing Leaders Series

Read this blog long enough and you will know that I am passionate about developing leaders.

Craig at swerve has finished a blog series on Developing Leaders. This is must read stuff for Pastors and Department Heads. Here are the links:

Developing Leader Part 1
Developing Leader Part 2
Developing Leader Part 3
Developing Leader Part 4
Developing Leader Part 5

Another resource is a video I created called Developing Your Team.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Getting Fed

"I've got to go to get fed."

That is what I sometimes hear when I ask people to get involved in our ministry. I hear a plethora of, "This is my time to come and get fed spiritually." OK, I can dig it, but do you realize what happens in the 90 minutes you got fed in.

In the U.S. Alone:

- 90 babies will be born to 90 teen parents
- 163 people will be murdered
- 150 children will be abused
- 245 babies will be aborted
- 1350 babies will be born into poverty
- 93 women will be victimized by their "intimate" partners
- 45 rapes and/or sexual assaults will happen
- 2,700 children will starve to death
- 180 people will die due to tobacco related deaths
- 360 children will be arrested for a juvenile crime


Is there not a reason to reach out to the next generation and not let this happen anymore?

Is there not a reason to stop this from happening anymore?

How fat spiritually do you really need to be?


So you got fed....NOW WHAT???

Is Determination A Factor

Maybe determination isn't always a factor.

Sometimes even with just ain't gonna happen.

That is why God tells us to ask for wisdom.

Of course seeing that your car won't fit might just be commonsense.

I give it a "B" for effort.

The D Factor Episode 3

Here is the third episode of our D Factor video series. Ever want to see what it would be like for three guys to walk through Wal-mart in dresses. Let's do it.

DetermineFactor-cast Episode 29

DetermineFactor-cast...Podcast #29 for Elevate...Here we go...Juno Garcia, Jason Curlee and Shelly Stokes talk about the night.

This weeks message on the Podcast continues our series THE D FACTOR - "Where Decisions Determine Your Destiny" and the message is by Jason Curlee called "The Determine Factor" in which our big idea is how we can reach our destiny by being determined if we live a cause bigger than ourselves.

Also included is a powerful nugget time by Juno Garcia.

-->> Download the MP3 directly here <<--

-->> Listen online here <<--

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Is There Not A Cause

I really wish teens could see the end...but that is not what it is all about. It is about them and adults living for a cause bigger than themselves.

That is what drives me. That is why I continue enduring. That is why we do what we do.

It is for the cause.

I'm tired of young men who don't have the guts to keep it zipped and end up getting a young teen girl pregnant and then they drop out of their life.

Is there not a cause.

I'm tired of teens thinking that it is their right of passage to hit the party scene on the weekend and then end up hooked all their life.

Is there not a cause.

I'm tired of young boys being addicted because of images that come so easily through the internet and end up all their lives fighting an internal raging battle.

Is there not a cause.

Is there not a cause bigger than we are, bigger than our problems or situation that is worthy of us giving our all.

Is there not a cause that could save the life of one or two and begin to start a chain reaction that could end it all.

Is there not a cause.

It Never Gets Old

You might have heard this from me before and I really don't care if this gets old with someone or you even drop me from your subscriptions.

I pastor the absolute most awesome and fantastic teens in the world. You guys are my heroes.

I lead the greatest and selfless team in the world.

That's all...

Thanks for listening in to my world.

Is There Not A Cause

One of the problems in most churches and youth ministries today is that the people in them want it to be about them.

They want their style of music, their style of teaching, or their same seat each week. They want Pastor to know them and come shake their hand every week. They want to be fed and the message be deep and just for them.

They want to be a big part of something small.

If you every want to start shaping the huge destiny God has for your life then you need to start living a cause that is bigger than yourself.

You need to have the attitude that you are a small part of something big.

You need to challenge yourself to grow and not leave it up to your pastor or your youth pastor. They shouldn't have to call and beg you to come or give you a reminder that church is this week. They shouldn't have to call and say they haven't seen you in a couple of weeks is everything ok.

No, you need to have a cause.

You should be going to your pastor or the staff and beg them on how you can get involved. You need to set yourself up for spiritual success. Get a cause that is bigger than you.

Is there not a cause? 1 Samuel 17:29

Brian McLaren - The Worship Industry

Very thought provoking video. Youth Pastor's out there replace "worship" with "youth ministry" and reflect.

Thanks 'los for the link.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


How would you respond with someone putting down your faith?

Not saying Scientology is right or wrong...what if someone is denying what you believe...your facing real persecution...How would you respond?

Could you just walk away?

The Brain Drain

I had a great coaching meeting with a local pastor of youth ministries today. I have been working with Jerome for the past year and today he came over to see our message prep system.

He is currently searching for a new position elsewhere as he felt God has called him to move on. This made him available today to come over and spend some extended time.

Between that and lunch it brought up a few things to think about. So let's drain my brain for a few minutes.

1. Do pastors today continue to feed the small church mentality or is it the people? I hear and read a lot of this through blogs and podcasts. Who is the culprit? Or is there one?

2. The role of the children's pastor is huge to a youth pastor. Today's teen, when we receive them, has pretty much formed their beliefs. The children's pastor can set the pace on their spiritual development.

3. Who really is more accountable for the spiritual formation of a child and teen? The youth/children's pastor, who get maybe tops 1 to 5 hours a week if that or the parent who gets 40 to 80 plus.

4. Can one 30 minute message counteract 35 hours of a secular/humanistic school message?

5. Do more events = more growth?

6. What does "go and make disciples" really mean? Are we doing that or contributing to the American Church status quo?

7. How far in sermontaining (sermon + entertaining) people should be go?

Stats and Number 400

This is post #400. I'm not thinking of it as a huge milestone but it really is a milestone. It is a sign to me of consistency and determination.

The first post I ever posted was March 22, '06. I have been tracking the blog since October 20, '06. For the records here are a few stats I have tracked since October.

This blog so far has:

Been viewed in 49 states
Been viewed in 45 countries

Visits 2,850
Page Views 4,365

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day '07

To all the Mother's out there that are reading. Happy Mother's Day!

To my wife thank you for being the greatest Mom to our children. I love you more than ever.

And to my Mom...thanks for all you did in raising me. It was through your faith and prayers that I am doing what I do now. You are making a difference in this world. I love you.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Give A Little Whistle

This is the video I used this past week as I explained how our society has taught us to listen to our conscience.

Our application for this message was that our decisions should be guided through convictions based on the Word. See 1 Corinthians 4:4 My conscience is clear, but that does not make me innocent. It is the Lord who judges me.

Our D Factor Series

This months series we have been doing called THE D FACTOR - Where Decisions Determine Your Destiny is what I feel the best series I have ever done on on Decisions.

I have been slowly bringing all the resources together as we have put a lot into videos during this series.

This past week I talked about the dangers of listening to your conscience and used video from Pinocchio of the old Jiminy Cricket Song "Give A Little Whistle". You can read 1 Corinthians 4:4 for more on that.

Feel free to listen to the messages or view our videos from the series. When the series is finished I will be posting links for all the messages in the series.

Audio from "Decisions Dominate"
Audio from "The Decision Factor"

Video of The D Factor Episode 1
Video of The D Factor Episode 2

Off-Road Disciplines

I read the first two chapters of Off-Road Disciplines: Spiritual Adventures of Missional Leaders by Earl Creps.

This book is one that will grow on you as you read it. Earl reveals a very transparent look at his journey though church. This book will inspire you to view our current culture not through the lens of the current church filter, but to view it from a missional viewpoint.

I hope to give some tid-bits from it over the coming weeks.

Videos from The Promise Conference

Josh Griffin has been posting some great videos they are using at their Promise Conference.

Check them out:

Lies of the World
What Guys Really Think

Remember It's A Journey

I sent this to one of my leaders today as an email.
Remember in the future this is why you need to begin forming a team. Hard part for me is I enjoy everything we do as well but I can't do it all myself. But I love it when I see others excelling and getting involved. Remember it is about the journey we are taking with others that makes it all so fun. Bring someone along with you.
Right now we are doing so many things in our ministry that relate to technology. Which is probably why I have written several posts on technology in ministry.

I really enjoy working with all kinds of tech stuff and it would be so easy for me to do it all myself. But the truth is if I do that I would be robbing others of the joy in serving.

There is a great joy I get when I see others excited. That is what this whole journey is about. One of my greatest joys is seeing the excitement in our leaders and team members when they serve and realize they are making a difference.

In the first two meetings so far of May we have had seven first time guests in which three committed their lives to God for the first time.

That happens not because I'm this awesome communicator. It happens because of people like Rachel and Shelly who are awesome team leaders and directors. It happens because of teens like Jordyn who brought one of her friends to Elevate seven weeks in row. The guys and gals who are giving their lives on our team are my heroes.

As you are going along in this journey remember to take people along with you. And give them as much hype as you can. This whole thing happens only because of a team. It happens when the "body" of Christ is functioning together. Total impact will only happen when two things are in place: 1) a culture of serving has been developed and 2) an infectious spirit of reaching out is formed.

There are of course other factors that go along with these but these two have to be in place.

Remember ministry and church are a journey. Take as many along with you that you can.

Friday, May 11, 2007

God's Apprentice Series Synopsis

Just uploaded a series synopsis on stewardship that a team member and I created. It has all the fixings and is a great jump for someone who is looking for something to help them plan a series. It was created for our main adult Sunday morning meeting but could be adapted to youth ministry as well.

We did a take off of Donald Trumps "The Apprentice" called GOD'S APPRENTICE - "Preparing for the Heavenly Boardroom".

All original stuff based on Matthew 25:14-30 - the story of the talents.

Click Here To Download

Technology For Ministry

I recently started a series of posts on using technology in ministry. If you didn't get to read any of them go ahead and check them out.

Technology and Ministry

Ways to Use Video In Ministry
Ways to Use Myspace In Ministry
Using Graphic Design in Ministry
Using Blogging in Ministry Part 1
Using Blogging in Ministry Part 2

Free Music Download

Looking for a great FREE album.

Check out Beatlab 7 Compilation Album.

I got this album a couple of weeks ago as a free download and it has some great stuff especially if you need some music for a youth environment.

Free to to distribute. Great freebie to hand out to your teens especially when they give you the permission.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Episode 2 of The D Factor

Episode 2 of "The D Factor". This is our video series we created for this months series in our meeting.

If you missed Episode one check it out here.

DecisionFactor-cast Episode 28

DecisionFactor-cast...Podcast #28 for Elevate...Here we go...Jason Curlee, Shelly Stokes, Rachel Cullers and Brittany Fuller talk about the night.

This weeks message on the Podcast continues our series THE D FACTOR - "Where Decisions Determine Your Destiny" and the message is by Jason Curlee called "The Decision Factor" in which our big idea is how our values guide our decisions.

Also included is a powerful nugget time by Tommy Montoya.

-->> Download the MP3 directly here <<--

-->> Listen online here <<--

An Angry Moment

Craig at Swerve has been doing a series on Postal Pastors...great title I might add Craig.

Last night I had an angry moment, in the middle of my message. Hold on, it was in a good way. Here's why.

I'm tired of teens screwing up their life, especially when they don't have to.

Here is what really gets my goat:
  • Young teen girls who have been convinced by some teen guy that if they loved them they would have sex with them.
  • Seeing junior high girls pregnant.
  • Teens who think it is no big deal to have that first drink because it is their right of passage.
  • Teens cashing in their dreams for a hit on a joint or drop of "x".
  • Guys or girls who have bought into the lie that "everyone's" doing it.
  • Young boys or girls dying in the streets for the lifestyle.
  • Babies dying because some teen girl got pregnant and no longer knows what to do.
Enough of this insanity. Parents, youth leaders, pastors...we are doing the same thing over and over hoping to get different results. Enough I say.
  • Teens stop cashing in your dreams for a temporary pleasure.
  • Parents, grow up, your teens future is dependent on you. And don't give me that "well" or "but" crap. Dad be a man, tell them no. Get them into church every time you can. Oh need to be there as well.
  • Youth leaders and pastors, lets give our teens and children the best. If we say they are our passion then lets show them.
I'm not buying into the line by one of the top youth organizations who I've had discussions with in the past that comes across like everything is ok in this country. Well it's not. Thank God there are other teen organizations out there (like Teen Mania - even if you don't agree with their methods) that recognize there is a problem and are not going to stand by and not do anything.

Teens in church get involved don't just be a pew sitter. We have enough of that in church. Recognize now that servanthood is not an "if I feel like it" it is a requirement.

Parents get out your student ministry pastor and find out what you can do.

Youth leaders get it together...become better administrators, communicators, and lead a world class organization.

Ministry Leadership Reflection

Great organizational and leadership thoughts today by Gina at Here are the deep thoughts but make sure you read her whole post:
* In ministry, we think as long as everybody is happy we are successful
* We tend to build ministry around our own preferences
* Sometimes we convince ourselves that what we’re doing is working

This is one reason why teams are so important. I used to design my messages on my own but now do it with our Children's Pastor. Each month we lay out our series and then weekly we create the messages. Doing this together has helped me not design everything from my perspective.

Leadership in ministry is not just about designing ministry how "I" think it should be. There can be a danger in that.

What if I'm wrong? ("God, I hope not.")

Designing ministry within a team creates a check and balance. The role of great leadership is to bring out the best in everyone as we create an organization that inspires to impact the community around us.

Here is a closing thought:

Often times we think we are setting up our meeting to reach the lost, but have we even checked with them?

Now I know that is maybe some strange thinking but is it true. I have been a follower of Christ for 14 years. Am I setting up a ministry that is really reaching them and is welcoming to them or is it fitting me.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Grounded From Church comes a rant and rave from me...fasten your seatbelt 'cause this one might be hard to swallow.

I have seen this more than once over 13 years of ministry. Kid gets in trouble and parents ground them...FROM CHURCH!!!

What is that all about? Child gets in trouble and they decide that they enjoy coming to the youth meeting so lets ground them from there.

Can someone see the circle of reasoning here? Kid is messing up...they enjoy lets ground them from there...AND I'M TALKING ABOUT CHURCH PEOPLE HERE.

Come on you realize how ridiculous that is. That is about as STUPID...yeah I said grounding a diabetic from their insulin.

"Ok honey, you really messed up this time so no more insulin for a week."

I've even heard this before. "They just need to get their life in order."

Oh yeah that's a good one. Like I can even start to get my life right without God.

Reality Check Here Folks...I understand they mess up and should get punished...I got no quarrels with that. But to ground them from Church...that's like sending them to war without armor.

Like I said...STUPID.

What About Me

Couldn't have said it any better than Perry did in his post "What About Me?"
How is the above attitude different from most churches today? If we want to SERIOUSLY impact the world we live in–I believe it MUST be done through dynamic youth and children’s ministry…and in order to do that we MUST spend money on them…and if we are spending money of them then that means that some of the things we would love to see as adults in the church…well…we go without them! We inconvenience ourselves. We go without! All in an effort to reach a generation that needs Jesus more than any generation that has ever existed.

Make sure you go read the entire post there.

Tim also has made a few comments about this before, here and here.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Student Ministry Org Chart

Just finished recreating our student ministry organizational chart. For those out there that need something like this. Here is the free download. Use it and abuse it.

Sample Youth Ministry Organizational Chart

My Celebrity Look-a-Like

Chris Day did I thought I would throw mine out at you. The link to do it is at

Thanks for the link Chris.

How again does this fit in with my blog...well doesn't....just thought it was cool to show you how I looked like Colin Farrell.

Blank Series Synopsis

To be a resource to everyone out there. Here is a link to a blank message series synopsis you can utilize to help in your planning of a series.

Free Download - Blank Message Series Synopsis

I find having the system in place makes it easier to plug things in as you are developing your series.

This is an update to some earlier posts that may also help in your message/series development:

Message Prep System
Creating Momentum Through Message Series
Series Synopsis

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Using Blogging In Ministry Part 2

In part one of this two part topic we talked about the five different types of people who will read your blog. After blogging now for over one year I thought it would be useful to give four practical tips for those who want to start blogging.
  • Know who you are going to write for and why. I would suggest write down what you want the purpose of your blog to be and then stay within that. I have made the mistake of writing about so many things. As you narrow down your focus it will help in the direction of your blogging.
  • It is important that you begin to find your voice in blogging. It is much like communicating in general. Many first time communicators emulate a style of preacher or teacher whom they like. Blogging is very similar. Many people write in a style that is similar to someone they follow. Find your voice. Of those people who will read your blog who are you going to write to? And above all things…just be you.
  • With the different types of people that will read a blog, my suggestion is stay short. Many people, especially from the outside of your church, probably subscribe to more than one blog. In doing so they can’t spend a lot of time reading a blog that is long. For me, those posts that are really long I just skim through and if they are consistently long I drop from my subscriptions. One good way to keep my attention throughout the blog is to give me your goods in your first sentence if you’re going to be long. That will drive me to read for the details or go on. Many time those that look long I will bail even before the first sentence.
  • Use tools that will help your blogging. Google has many tools that a blogger can use that will help you be successful. Google analytics, a free resource will help you know the statistics of your blog. Blogger is a great and easy blogging platform for someone beginning. Another resource you need to use is feedburner. Church Communications Pro has a great series called Blogging For Pastors 101 which is great for pastors or anyone who is beginning blogging.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Using Blogging In Ministry Part 1

As we continue to look at technology in ministry, blogging is one great tool that can help you in many ways. We will focus on some of the beginning basics of utilizing this tool.

When it comes to blogging, there are several types of people who view your blog. With the variety of blogs there are, people will fit into about every one of these categories. I do try to stay out of the last one though.
  • Those people from inside your church and who are tied in to what you are doing.
  • Those outside your church that want to know more about you.
  • Church leaders and people across the country who want to know the in’s and out’s of what you are doing and be inspired by what you write.
  • Family and or friends who want to keep up with you.
  • Those that will read with the intent to criticize.
In Part 2 we will look at some beginning tips for bloggers.

Using Graphic Design in Ministry

Today, as we continue talking about technology in ministry, I want to highlight graphic design. We use graphic design in three primary ways in our ministry.
  • Simple weekly promo graphics to upload to websites and use in videos. This is our latest.
  • Series graphics for announcements in bulletins, powerpoints, handouts, videos.
  • Announcement graphics for events.

Other ways include:
Logo's, t-shirt designs, handouts, and printed materials.

What are some other ways you use graphics?

Friday, May 04, 2007

Creating Momentum Through Message Series

One area we are passionate about is communicating. When ministering to people there are many things we can do to garner momentum in growing our churches and ministries.

Tony Morgan had a great post as well as an article in Outreach Magazine that communicates some great points on Message Series. I'll let you read an excerpt and elaborate in a future post.

Here are the points that stood out to me in the article:
  • Schedule your series to last more than six weeks. A series will probably lose momentum after six weeks. People consider a new series as an opportunity to invite their friends, but the longer the series drags on, the less likely those they invite will come.
  • Pack your church calendar so full that inviting friends to worship isn’t a priority. The more activities and ministries you provide, not to mention meetings you schedule, the less you’ll focus on your weekend services. Ask yourself: What is our primary way for reaching people who don't attend church? If the answer is your weekend service, focus on making that effective by doing less of something else.
  • Teach too much in each message. Too many points can confuse not only your listeners, but you as well. Pick one point and stick to it. And remember ... brevity is your friend.
  • Teach the truth without life application. For the most part, people don't need more knowledge, but rather to learn how to put their existing knowledge into action. They know Jesus died for them, but what does this mean for them when their alarm goes off on Monday morning?
  • Don't tease the coming series with appropriate promotions. Launching a series without letting people know it’s coming does no good. How will your members invite people ahead of time? Promote what you’ll be talking about and why they should care enough to attend.
  • Don't sweat the details. A good series involves more than just developing a message. When a team of experts comes together to plan out the messages—the art elements, the promotions and the rest of the service experience—there’s a much better chance the series will succeed in both offering biblical truth and reaching more people for Christ.

Writing In Abundance

I feel like I am making up for a week off of writing all in two days.

My Videos On Youtube

This week while talking about technology in ministry two of my videos on youtube have eclipsed the 1,000 mark. Now seeing how the top viewed video on youtube (I just watched it again. Way to funny.) at the time of this post has been watched 47,800,540 times that is like a drop in the bucket. But never the less it is a milestone in my book.

Check them out:
Heroes Promo (This was the promo for our April series. It actually got to 1,000 in a shorter time than the other)
Just To Be With You (We used this clip in our Inked - Marked by God series. This hit 1,000 first.)

Ways To Use Myspace In Ministry

Using video is not the only technology we utilize in ministry. I am a big believer in redeeming technology and utilizing it for discipleship, evangelism, spreading information and just about any other creative thing you can think up.

There has been a lot of heat about myspace in the church over the years. Should you use it, should you not? Look at the content that is on there, we need to stay away.

The reality is that we need to not run away from these forms of media and technology but redeem them. We don't need a freakin' Godspace that we can form our little God clicks. We need to be all over the current ones.

Some of the ways we have used myspace are:
  • Created a ministry myspace page. From there we embed our youtube videos and graphics about who we are so teens can easily link there.
  • From my personal myspace page we post comments every Monday in our teens myspace pages inviting them to come out so their friends can see what we are about. We will post our promo videos and graphics. These become little advertisements that friends of our teens can see.
  • Post bulletins for upcoming events.
  • Leave encouraging notes for our teens.
  • Keep up with our leaders through the instant messaging feature.
The major reality is that not all of our teens have a myspace but more than half do. They had it before they came to Elevate so we have embraced it and are using it to reach out. Is there some junk in it...sure...but we can't escape all the junk in the world. But we can be a light in the darkness.

For about three months I have been letting this just set there. Did I really need another one? But then I find out some of my peeps have gotten in on it. Peep 1...Peep 2...

So what's a brother to do. Well I guess update it a little and add some friends. Now that I know some others are out there on it, I'm going to give it a test spin.

At least it doesn't have the junk that myspace has.

So if there are any other peeps out there with one...go ahead...VIRB me

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ways To Use Video In Ministry

One of the things I decided on this past year was that I was not going to let money (or lack thereof) stand in the way of using technology in ministry.

One key principle we do ministry by is using technology to enhance ministry. And I mean enhance. Technology is just a tool and should never replace but should enhance your ministry time.

Several ways we use video in our meetings are:
  • Video clips from movies that introduce concepts or aha moments.
  • Video promos for series.
  • Video Announcements.
  • Countdown Videos for the night.
  • Monthly Ministry Promo video's
  • Creative video's for meetings.

When I started, I didn't have a fancy camera with fancy editing software. (Of course I still don't have that either.) But again, I did not let that get in the way. Our videos have gotten everything from laughs to tears and all in between. They are ways to bring creativity into your ministry and meetings.

You can check out many of the videos we have used in our meetings at my Youtube site.

The Core of Making Difference Makers

Here is what Making Difference Makers is all about:

1. Influencing and developing others to make a difference in their world.
2. Inspiring creativity and change in church to become more relevant to our world around us.
3. Informative inside look into our ministry.
4. Imparting resources to ministry leaders.

This is what I believe this blog is going to focus on, while I may stray out every now and then it is going to be the core of what we are about.

Dominate-cast Episode 27

Dominate-cast...Podcast #27 for Elevate...Here we go...Jason Curlee, Juno Garcia, Shelly Stokes, Andrea Stokes and Rachel Cullers talk about the night.

This weeks message on the Podcast begins a new series called THE D FACTOR - "Where Decisions Determine Your Destiny" and the message is by Jason Curlee called "Decisions Dominate" in which our big idea is how we must weigh the consequences as our decisions determine our destiny.

Also included is a powerful nugget time by Juno Garcia about not looking in the rear view mirror.

-->> Download the MP3 directly here <<--

-->> Listen online here <<--

Impact The Community

There are a few pastors out there that touch on something that relates so much to me. Perry Noble has been writing a series of post called "I Dream Of A Church". Here is part 1. Here is part 2.

Their church called Newspring is blowing the roof off in Anderson, South Carolina. Where again is that???

Here is an excerpt:
#4 - That Impacts The Community!

I want to see this community turned upside down for Christ! Someone once asked me how much money we give to missions…my reply was, “every single dime that comes into NewSpring is spent on missions. Anderson, SC is our mission…and we will eventually begin to see serious impact across the world–but not until we have IMPACTED our community.”

Don’t get me wrong–I am concerned about the kids who are starving in the world–but what about the kids that are starving here in Anderson? I am concerned about the sick and the homeless…but I feel that our church would by hypocritical if we sent a check off to some organization and patted ourselves on the back for it…but did nothing about it right here in our own backyard.

People have asked me, “When is NewSpring going to start a school.” My response is always the same, “On the day hell freezes over–we will start a Christian school.” WAIT…I am NOT speaking against Christian schools…I am saying our vision is not isolation but rather reach children, teach them to be salt and light…and reach so many of them that our public schools become Christian schools! THAT is how you impact a community.

If you are a pastor and God has given you a vision to begin a school…GO FOR IT! You have to be true to the vision God has given you. He wants each church to impact the community it is in…and that will be done in different ways. Our way right now is to provide a place that has environments where people can meet Christ and be embraced in community. We feel that is happening…but we are about to launch some things that will BLOW THE ROOF OFF THIS PLACE…AND…we are getting ready for some regional and global things that are going to be AWESOME as well!!!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The D Factor Episode 1

Here is our creative element for this months series. Our series is called THE D FACTOR - "Where Decisions Determine Your Destiny". So what did we do? We created our own Fear Factor show called "The D Factor".

Here is episode 1 and each week I will post each episode here after it premiers in our meeting. Of course you could subscribe to my youtube site and who knows maybe catch it early.

P.S. It gets funnier with each episode.

The Blitz 5-2-07

Tonight we unveiled...VIDEO ANNOUNCEMENTS...Something new at Elevate is a new segment we are calling "The Blitz".

It got major laughs. And for our first go at it...I thought it went well. Of course it is all our team. They are awesome.


"The Blitz 5-2-07"

The Quiet Comeback

I know, I know...two days...and it has been a quiet comeback. Well I never said it was going to be big...BUT...I've been busy. Next few posts will be to give a little bit of a flavor of what we are doing this month. And then...I'm going to get after it a little and tell ya what we are going to be all about here.

Back In Action

This will be a quickie everyone.

I'm back from my siesta...that means nap to you non-bilingual folks out there.

Although I'm 1 hour and 30 minutes is 1:30 am 5-2-07...I'm here baby.

I know, I know...I said I would be back on the 1st...well...didn't happen. Look for a post coming very soon on why's and the what not's of this blog as I get it back on the track for the future.