Friday, March 31, 2006

Mixed Emotions

Wow. For the past two days I have been filled with all the mixed emotions of my transition. Excited about the new position and possibilities. Leaving friends and family. Being apart from my wife and kids for a month or two while they finish school. All the planning. Some of it can be very overwhelming. But thank God that His hand is in it. He has opened so many doors for us in this move. It really is a God thing. I feel that Church of Hope is going to be our HOME for a long while. Hadn't felt that way in a long time. There is so much peace I have about this being the right move. I am so ready for this.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Present and the Future

Today I have been reading all the things friends have been writing to me on my transition. It really is awesome. I feel I have had a great support system around me everywhere I have been.

I have been in timeline creation mode as well. I think I have created a timeline for everything under the sun over the past two weeks. They really do help though when you are trying to pull off so many events so often. Other wise you would forget all those details.

I am excited about next week. I start my first youth service in Corpus at Church of Hope. My first series is going to be Mission Possible: Changing the Corpus Area ONE life at a Time. It is going to be a 4 week series. I have been meditating on that for the past week or two. I think I am going to be preaching on how the first church was able to make a huge impact and how we can put many of the principles they followed to change our area. IT'S GONNA BE GOOD.

Tonight is my last night of church at Faith Family. The FUTURE awaits me. I'm somewhere in the future...And I look much better than I look right now. That's an old Kim Clement saying....LOL

Monday, March 27, 2006

Value the Journey

This weekend was really good. Saturday we went to San Antonio for one of my daughters volleyball tourney. They did so good being the youngest team out there. They won 3 games out of the 9 they played. Three of the other ones were really close. I also had a great conversation with my prior worship leader for our youth group in Kingsville. He is a great friend of mine.

Yesterday was my last Sunday at Faith Family Church. I got to say bye to some good people I know. I also went to one of my best friends birthday party yesterday. He is going to be a guy I miss the most here, but I know that God has us make connections in life for reasons. We need to value the friendships we make along the way, helping each other fulfill the destiny that God has for us in our life. We are all going to a destination, but it is the journey and the friendships that we need to value along the way.

So this weekend was about valuing the journey and the friendships we have along the way.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Great Days Ahead

We went down to Corpus yesterday to look at some schools and houses. We are so excited about the potential and possibilities. For about two month's I have been praying the prayer of Jabez daily and have seen God blessing and opening doors for us. Opportunities have been coming our way.

We are so excited about going. We also know that God has done a great job at preparing us. Us being at Faith Family has been a great blessing and has stretched and developed me. It has made me grow up in many areas. I will be leaving behind some really great friends that mean a lot to me and have been there for me. I really appreciate them greatly. God is also restoring some friendships and connections I had in Kingsville as a youth pastor. I truly know there are some great days ahead.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Beginnings

I am sitting here today beginning two journeys. The first is the creation of a blog that will log my journey and keep others abreast of what I am doing. The second is a journey back to youth ministry. I have just accepted a position at Church of Hope in Corpus Christi and am so excited. For the past two weeks I have been visioneering and planning.

I have a huge task ahead. There are over 38,000 teenagers within a 30 mile radius of the church. The great thing is that I know that God is more than able to handle this. Stay tuned for future updates.