Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pentecost Fast

My buddy Randy at The Confessions Stand called me up tonight and presented an awesome idea.

He had read Mark Batterson's post on Pentacost Fast and challenged me to do it with him. I was down with it. I am going to fast and pray for his church and he is going to do the same for me.

Go read Batterson's post and take the challenge with us. I haven't decided what to fast and probably won't tell you either. I will be challenging my staff as if your reading get ready. I think Tyler is already down with me as well.

If you are going to participate with us please leave me a comment with details about where you are so I will know how and what to pray for.

Take the 10 day Pentecost Fast with us.

Hey Mark...count us in...I'll be praying for you as well.


randyjames007 said...


You know how much I've struggled in the world of coaching sports. I would make Al Davis from the Oakland Raiders wimper with his "Just Win Baby" outdated motto. Oakland remains at the bottom of the NFL heap and has been there now for a very long time. I always have hated to be a bottom-feeder for anyone or anything. That is why I even hate to lose at checkers. Yet, once we begin this fast together I have no problem with starting at the bottom (on my knees) worshiping, praying, and seeking the presence of God. This is one time I humbly will give myself to bottom-feeding. The Word tells us those who humble themselves will in due season be lifted up. I am like you and many others. I want to be lifted up for the right reasons. This fast will start us below the "deck" of life and eventually bring us up to the upper deck for a heavenly view from God's persepective.

Like you wrote in your blog, "I am down with it" I am to my brother.

Sensei Tommy Lee said...

I am in agreement,when does it start? I am praying for a strong presence of God in the south district of Coprus Christi...That the lost may come to the saving grace of Christ.