Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thoughts From Acts Part 4

One major thing that stands out to me in Acts...NO ALTAR CALLS.

You never see any of them say, "Ok, everyone bow your heads, no one looking around."

Don't see it. Actually you see the opposite. They pretty much had to go all in or nothing. They had to take the "dip" and there was no other option.

Now I'm guilty of this you see. I am the one who says the above thing each and every week during the most important time of our meeting. I believe so much that every week there should be a salvation call.

And you know what, every week we have people at our altar. Every week someone commits their life to God. Our teens make sure of it. They make sure they have their friends there every week because they know that it is going to be an opportunity for them to hear about what God has done for them.

But they didn't do that in Acts. You know what they did say...."Repent and be baptized."

It was all in. All or nothing. There was no going back. I believe the call was greater then. Now...even I give them the wimpy way in.

Makes me want to get a baptismal installed and we do it right then and there each week.

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