Monday, May 21, 2007

Pastors Of The Big Screen

Came across a great post from Shawn Lovejoy called Pastor's of the Big Screen. This post was right on track. Be sure to read it in entirety and check out other things Shawn writes.

Here is what I took away from the post:

1) Pastors in the "multi-site" rage of today need to "equip" people for ministry when it comes to teaching and not perpetuate "doing the ministry".

2) Pastors of the "multi-site" need to be committed to NOT building our church around one person or personality.

3) Don't burn out by being the only one.

Here is how he ended the post:
But here's the question: Is my job REALLY building attendance as quickly as possible, or equipping leaders to launch a movement that is not centered around me, can far out last me, and be exponential in nature over time? You answer the question...

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Bill Reichart said...

I read that same post from Shawn and it was refreshing to hear a pastor give a good perspective that addressed concerns that I've had for some time.
bill from ProvocativeChurch