Monday, October 16, 2006

Principles of our Youth Ministry

It has been so fun to do youth ministry over the years. I have assimilated lots of things from lots of other ministries that I believe form the Ministry DNA of Elevate. I am in deep thinking about putting them in book form...probably will be like an internet book...I would like to know if it would be something others would get and possibly read...

Anyway here they are:

1. Do ministry on PURPOSE.
2. PLAN for success
3. Create USER-FRIENDLY environments
4. Foster a spirit of EXCELLENCE
5. TEACH for change
6. Add the WOW FACTOR
7. Develop highly productive TEAMS

These are what I believe we do a great job at...some better than others. They are principals that we have put in effect to see our youth ministry double in 6 months since we have been here at Church of Hope.

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