Saturday, May 19, 2007

My Future Ebook

Here is a post that is real relevant to what I do. My hopes is within the coming year to right an e-book on it. Although it is titled youth ministry. I think these principles are a solid way I would do any ministry by.

Principles of Youth Ministry

1. Do ministry on PURPOSE
2. PLAN for success
3. Create USER-FRIENDLY environments
4. Foster a spirit of EXCELLENCE
5. TEACH for change
6. Add the WOW FACTOR
7. Develop highly productive TEAMS

I would love to hear what some of your principles are.


Anonymous said...

do you really want to treat your youth as your business and not your family? building relationships i guess would be the 'user-friendly' enviroment your talking about, right?

Jason Curlee said...

I guess the thought is that we don't treat our "youth" as our business but we try to have a great organization within our department so that our "family" can become all they can be and experience something that can be looked back with excitement in their lives.

Having a business mindset when it comes to the organizational structure of our ministry allows to do more and be more in our endeavor to reach teens.

A "user-friendly" environment is one that (1) filled with love and friendship & (2) a place they would be excited to hang out and bring their friends.