Friday, May 25, 2007

What It Is - Is Who I Am

If you are a department head or ministry leader here is a tough reality you may need to face head on:
Your ministry is nothing more than a distinct reflection of you.
For many years I have told other student ministry pastors that if you have been in the same place for about three years then the people you are leading and your department will be a reflection of you.

If you are disorganized, then your department will be disorganized.

If you cut corners ethically, then you will probably be facing the same challenge in your department.

If your thinking is sloppy, then your department will be sloppy.

I love planning, strategy, and administration. I naturally have a lot of people that have similar characteristics in my department. In fact, those that aren't usually don't survive long which is something I have to work on.

Two things are so true about this: 1) we attract people we are like, 2)we reproduce who we are.

So if your ministry is to must change first. If you are unwilling to change then your ministry will never be capable of giving you what you want.

One way you can start the change is by Developing A Life Plan.

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