Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Grounded From Church comes a rant and rave from me...fasten your seatbelt 'cause this one might be hard to swallow.

I have seen this more than once over 13 years of ministry. Kid gets in trouble and parents ground them...FROM CHURCH!!!

What is that all about? Child gets in trouble and they decide that they enjoy coming to the youth meeting so lets ground them from there.

Can someone see the circle of reasoning here? Kid is messing up...they enjoy lets ground them from there...AND I'M TALKING ABOUT CHURCH PEOPLE HERE.

Come on you realize how ridiculous that is. That is about as STUPID...yeah I said grounding a diabetic from their insulin.

"Ok honey, you really messed up this time so no more insulin for a week."

I've even heard this before. "They just need to get their life in order."

Oh yeah that's a good one. Like I can even start to get my life right without God.

Reality Check Here Folks...I understand they mess up and should get punished...I got no quarrels with that. But to ground them from Church...that's like sending them to war without armor.

Like I said...STUPID.

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Tyler said...

I think parents everywhere do that. We've tried to train our parents (at least the church parents) of the importance of getting their kids to youth group, and it still happens here every once in a while.