Thursday, May 17, 2007

Getting Fed

"I've got to go to get fed."

That is what I sometimes hear when I ask people to get involved in our ministry. I hear a plethora of, "This is my time to come and get fed spiritually." OK, I can dig it, but do you realize what happens in the 90 minutes you got fed in.

In the U.S. Alone:

- 90 babies will be born to 90 teen parents
- 163 people will be murdered
- 150 children will be abused
- 245 babies will be aborted
- 1350 babies will be born into poverty
- 93 women will be victimized by their "intimate" partners
- 45 rapes and/or sexual assaults will happen
- 2,700 children will starve to death
- 180 people will die due to tobacco related deaths
- 360 children will be arrested for a juvenile crime


Is there not a reason to reach out to the next generation and not let this happen anymore?

Is there not a reason to stop this from happening anymore?

How fat spiritually do you really need to be?


So you got fed....NOW WHAT???

1 comment:

rindy said...

Yes!! I am realizing that growing in faith is not a passive activity. Being fed is needed but then we are also responsible for "feeding ourselves" and turning to feed others! I am definitely discovering that reaching out not only helps the people I touch, but motivates my own growth. I want others to know and feel what I know!! And sitting around waiting for others to do it doesn't cut it!