Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Is There Not A Cause

One of the problems in most churches and youth ministries today is that the people in them want it to be about them.

They want their style of music, their style of teaching, or their same seat each week. They want Pastor to know them and come shake their hand every week. They want to be fed and the message be deep and just for them.

They want to be a big part of something small.

If you every want to start shaping the huge destiny God has for your life then you need to start living a cause that is bigger than yourself.

You need to have the attitude that you are a small part of something big.

You need to challenge yourself to grow and not leave it up to your pastor or your youth pastor. They shouldn't have to call and beg you to come or give you a reminder that church is this week. They shouldn't have to call and say they haven't seen you in a couple of weeks is everything ok.

No, you need to have a cause.

You should be going to your pastor or the staff and beg them on how you can get involved. You need to set yourself up for spiritual success. Get a cause that is bigger than you.

Is there not a cause? 1 Samuel 17:29

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Tyler said...

That is awesome, we just talked about something very similar tonight. I think my students are starting to get excited about making a difference in the world. I wish I felt this pumped after every Wednesday.