Saturday, May 19, 2007

Spiderman 3 Review

Here is my review of Spiderman 3. First off, I know there has been some not so good reviews on some blogs I read. Gary hated it, Josh gave it a C+, Tony said it was good but not his favorite, Tadd and I totally agree with loving it.

Here is my breakdown:

There was more of a story woven through this one. It really illustrated the battle within. Bitterness is a disease that can eat away at our soul. It was a battle Peter Parker faced throughout this whole movie.

One of the things that lots of people were probably expecting was non stop action and probably less story. I thought it was balanced as they had to tie up some things if there are no future Spiderman movies.

This one was packed with lots of villains, battles and still left room for potential future possibilities.

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