Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Thoughts From Acts Part 3

Here are my thoughts today as I continue my journey through Acts:
  • As a communicator we must keep it real. If God is in it, we don't need to work it...Acts 11:15
  • Every chapter I see the word grew or increase or quite a number. This should be the heartbeat of the church today. I don't ever want to hear any excuses from myself.
  • There were some strategic interactions that God lined up. The Ethiopian and the captain from Caesarea. Who is God strategically bringing across my path.
  • All they seemed to really do everywhere is tell there story. That's what witnesses do...they just tell their story.
  • Thought it was interesting that they were praying for Peter to be released in Acts 12 and when he showed up...they didn't believe it. What kind of faith was that???
  • In Acts 13:12 the Governor had to see a miracle to believe. I think there are some people that need that and God meets them in their faith. And we shouldn't condemn them for it.
  • Wouldn't it be cool if practically the whole city showed up to hear the Word of God? What am I thinking? Where the heck would they sit? Bet that's what the church thinks. Would we even be ready? Could you ever really be ready for that?

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