Saturday, May 12, 2007

Remember It's A Journey

I sent this to one of my leaders today as an email.
Remember in the future this is why you need to begin forming a team. Hard part for me is I enjoy everything we do as well but I can't do it all myself. But I love it when I see others excelling and getting involved. Remember it is about the journey we are taking with others that makes it all so fun. Bring someone along with you.
Right now we are doing so many things in our ministry that relate to technology. Which is probably why I have written several posts on technology in ministry.

I really enjoy working with all kinds of tech stuff and it would be so easy for me to do it all myself. But the truth is if I do that I would be robbing others of the joy in serving.

There is a great joy I get when I see others excited. That is what this whole journey is about. One of my greatest joys is seeing the excitement in our leaders and team members when they serve and realize they are making a difference.

In the first two meetings so far of May we have had seven first time guests in which three committed their lives to God for the first time.

That happens not because I'm this awesome communicator. It happens because of people like Rachel and Shelly who are awesome team leaders and directors. It happens because of teens like Jordyn who brought one of her friends to Elevate seven weeks in row. The guys and gals who are giving their lives on our team are my heroes.

As you are going along in this journey remember to take people along with you. And give them as much hype as you can. This whole thing happens only because of a team. It happens when the "body" of Christ is functioning together. Total impact will only happen when two things are in place: 1) a culture of serving has been developed and 2) an infectious spirit of reaching out is formed.

There are of course other factors that go along with these but these two have to be in place.

Remember ministry and church are a journey. Take as many along with you that you can.

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Anonymous said...

I have been enjoying the journey thanks for going in the right direction+++