Saturday, June 30, 2007

Buzz Conference Posts

Buzz Conference put on by National Community Church in Washington D.C. was a conference I would have really loved to have gone to. Mark Batterson is the Pastor of NCC and had Tim Stevens, Tony Morgan and Craig Groeschel all speak. I have had to live vicariously through some great fellows who have posted their notes.

One of these guys is Tyler, a buddy of mine. Here are some links to his posts with notes.

Session #1 - Mark Batterson

Buzz Session #2 - Tim Stevens

Disturb Me

Buzz Session #3 - Craig Groeschel

Buzz Day 2, Session #1 Craig Groeschel

Buzz Day 2 - Closing Session - Mark Batterson

Here are the notes on Tony's session from Stephen Shields:

Buzz Conference - Friday 29 June 2007 - Bloggers' Breakfast with Tony Morgan

Here is a post with links to all of Stephen's Conference Notes:

Metapost on the 2007 Buzz Conference

Keep On Swinging Clip

Hope this clip is for someone out there.

It is the clip form the movie Everyone's Hero which I talked about in this post.

Keep On Swinging - Encouragement

Church Planters, Pastors, Ministry Leader, Volunteers...or just anyone who needs a little encouragement.

I half watched the movie Everyone's Hero with my kids today. The end of the movie ends with the following quote.

You can be the smallest. You can be the weakest. You can be the worst player on the field.

But when people tell you you're no good and you should give it up.

You Keep On Swinging!

To everyone out there who needs it: KEEP ON SWINGING

Friday, June 29, 2007

Truth Video

Want to share this video posted on my buddy Tyler's site. The video comes from Granger church. Awesome.

The iPhone

In case anyone is wondering...I'm not buying an iPhone. Nope, not doing it...that doesn't mean I won't eventually get one, MAYBE.

But at this moment I don't see the rush as everyone else has. I don't see that it will revolutionize my life. I don't see that it will speed up life for me or save me time.

I don't see that it will up my status any. I just really am not seeing it. Maybe the hype hasn't gotten me yet.

I don't think that means I'm not innovative or on the cutting edge. Having the latest technological advancement as soon as it hits the shelf doesn't mean I'm cutting edge.

I just don't see the purpose of it just yet.

Oh yeah I'm already an A T & T/Cingular customer so unlike some of you other wannabes out there I don't have to drop my service for this latest gadget.

Multi-Site and Andy Stanley Part 1

This post is in response to a post by Michael called Question for Andy Stanley. Here is part of his post and the main questions he was asking:
But here is my question. What happens when Andy retires? He has such a following (and rightfully so). His teaching really seems to drive these partner churches. Northpoint does such a great job reproducing bands and worship leaders - where is that when it comes to developing teachers and pastors? I heard Andy say at a Drive conference that there are people on his staff that could deliver his messages with excellence. Why not send them out, as real pastors/planters, to start churches? Why build or launch a strategic partner around video? Though he's the best teacher around in my opinion, can we not find other qualified teachers and leaders to start these churches?
I can't answer those questions for Andy as I don't know him or have been to his church. What I can do is answer how I would do it. So if I had the opportunity to do a multi-site church here is how:

As I write this I am going to assume and say that first and foremost all the spiritual dynamics will be in place. What I am more going to talk about is the organizational side and the message side that Michael brings up in his post.

First, a lot of time would be spent on developing the initial church, structure wise. This would ensure that as new sites are launched with pastors who do not have to spend time and energy developing them from scratch. I see raising up people from within who will have the spiritual DNA needed to launch new sites. Developing an one year internship program and/or raising up people through ministries to develop the skills necessary to lead a church would be a system used to place people. This initial church would also staff to handle the technological development to free the other sites for ministry.

Secondly, I see a team approach to message development like CCC has that is utilizing the Big Idea approach. There would be an initial brainstorming meeting that develops the programming for the year and then the teaching pastoral staff from all churches would come together in one manner or the other to develop the weekly message. Once that message was developed then each pastor would take it back to teach on Sunday. Time and money would be spent each year bringing the teaching staff together for communication workshops to increase their skills. This approach would ensure great communication to each church as well as save each pastor valuable time. Less time would be spent on creating a video-site ministry as would be spent on developing people in the role of teaching. (It would be a little more detailed than that but I don't want this to be really long although I may come back and develop this more.)

I will continue to unwrap this in some future posts. I don't presume to have it all down but would love to experiment with this system.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Craig Groeschel Quote From Buzz

Loved this quote from Craig Groeschel I found on Tim Stevens blog. This was something Craig said at the Buzz Conference at NCC.

In order to reach those that no one else is reaching, we’ll have to do things that no one else is doing.

Elevate Remix 6-27-07

This is the first episode of the Elevate Remix. A confessional on our Elevate Meeting.

I'm Just A Bill

Unfortunately I do remember the 70's...aghhh...I'm getting old.

Within-Cast Episode 34

Within-cast...Podcast #34 for Elevate...Here we go...Juno Garcia, Shelly Stokes, Onessimo Morales, Jessenia Hernandez, Maritza Delgado, Tommy Montoya and Val talk about the night and about The Battle Within.

This week our message is called "The Battle Within". It is by Tommy Montoya and continues our series called ELEV8FLIX and is based on the movie Spiderman 3.

Our nugget time is by Juno Garcia.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Transformers Message

Our message tonight ends our ELEV8FLIX series where we have looked at God through our cultures eyes. Here is the short synopsis of tonights message. I hope to upload it

Message Title – “Transformers - More Than Meets The Eye”
Big Idea – Our Lives Should Bring Change And Radiate God To The World
Scripture – Matthew 5:13-16 (The Message)
Application – Bring The Best Out
Message Synopsis – The movie “Transformers” is about robots who are disguised and can transform into modern day vehicles. Jesus said we are to be the salt and light of the earth. Our lives should bring change and radiate God to the culture around us. We can do that as we allow God to Bring the Best out of us.

Be Salty

The human body needs salt to regulate the electrolyte balance inside and outside of its cells.

God has rescued us and says we are needed. He needs us to flavor the world with His flavors.

Matthew 5:13 "Let me tell you why you are here. You're here to be salt-seasoning that brings out the God-flavors of this earth. If you lose your saltiness, how will people taste godliness? You've lost your usefulness and will end up in the garbage." (The Message)

We shouldn’t blend in. We should be different. There should be more to us than meets the eye.

We should bring change around us.

We must be salt and flavor this world.

Have you ever tasted hot air popped popcorn with no salt. Now I know it is supposed to be good for you, but it is nasty. You know what I mean. There is no purpose to it. When you add salt to it.

The plain popcorn is like the world. It is the same old routine. Same old pursuit. Same thing…get up every morning, work or go to school, come home, watch tv, spend time with family, go to sleep…

But when you add some butter and especially salt to it…it enhances the flavor.

Now when you get up you realize that your life has a purpose…that everywhere you go you bring the God-flavor to your environment.

Your life has a purpose as you realize that every one you come into contact with is someone whom God has drawn across your path.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Two Great New Helpful Resources

Two very cool and very promising tools talked about today are: YouVersion and Newspring Ministries.


YouVersion, a free online Web 2.0 Bible developed by (Edmond, OK) allows users to share what Scripture means to them by associating a Bible verse or series of verses with:

  • video
  • audio
  • images
  • text commentary
  • tags
  • and web links

NewSpring Church (Anderson, SC) is offering free church resources through their new site, NewSpring Ministries. Free church resources include:

  • NewSpring MinistriesSermon Series Graphics
  • Intro Videos
  • Service Flow Charts
  • Sermon Outlines
  • Sermon MP3s
  • Children’s Ministry Volunteer Handbook
  • Membership Class Documents
  • NewSpring Organization Chart
  • Receptionist Guide
  • Student Ministry Documents

Thanks to Church Relevance, Tony Morgan, and Bobby Gruenewald for the links.

Road Trip Graphic

Here is our graphic for our July Series called Road Trip.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Capping The Flea

There is a leadership lid we all lead by in our departments or organizations. It is our responsibility to raise that lid so that we do not stifle the people below us.

Several years ago I worked at a church where the Pastor continually told me he was not a leader. I am not sure if this was his humbleness or just a lack of leadership knowledge and skills, but it caused me to always think about the lid I was capping on people I had leading in my department.

The flea is a great example of this: Put a flea (if you can catch one) in a jar and put a lid on it. This flea will jump and jump and keep hitting it's head on the lid until finally it quits jumping as hard. At this point you can take the lid off and the flea won't jump out of the jar. That is because you have capped its ability to leap.

This is where your role as a leader comes in. It is important that we continue to grow ourselves as leaders so that we don't cap the development of the people under us as well as our whole department. Great leaders always push their selves to become even better. They understand that the minute they quit growing their organization quits growing.

Leaders below us will experience the same frustration that the flea experienced until one day they quit jumping.

Don't cap your leaders or your organization. Grow yourself today.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Thought For The Day

Doesn't it hurt so much more when we find out we really are the thing we "think" we are not.

Left that as a comment on a blog friend of mine.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Never Give Up On Your Dreams

All month I have been seeing the video of this guy shocking the judges...

Chris Elrod's Post
Josh Griffin's Post
Seth Godin's Post
David Rudd's Post (I are! J/K)
Tony McCollum's Post (Your Right It Was Amazing!)
Chris Day (No Words Are Needed)

Well he won...and rightfully so...

Having a dream is not the is having a dream, pursuing it, and never giving up.

It goes to show you...pursue your dreams and never ever give up.

Camp Week Review

Camp this week was good. I say just that. It was good. Our teens had a great time which is the most important.

One of them laid down some heavy stuff in his life.

The great thing about camp is that teens get out of their immediate environment for a week. Which is why I think they respond so well when they are there.

When you cut off the media and friendships in most of their lives or the outside noises, it allows them to focus their attention and hear from God.

I wonder though about the push to make this the Superbowl event of the year for youth ministry. In about 14 years of youth ministry I have seen teens go off, get their lives right, fall, go off again, get their lives right, fall...and repeat the cycle.

There has got to be some fundamental week to week teaching or push for teens to go off not to get on fire, not to hear God for the first time, not to get their calling from God their, but to go and stoke the fire higher than they are on a weekly basis.

There has got to be a push and a challenge on a weekly basis for teens to experience an almighty God. To live a holy life. To seek and know the call of God on their lives.

Camp should be an important place in youth ministry. One that supplements what we already do...not one that we are banking everything on. Otherwise they will come back and within six back to their normal routine.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Camp Summary

I'm back...I'm back...I'm BACK!!! Good Time...God Moved!!! READY for REAL food and REAL my bed....

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Unknown Posting

Just a little note to the readers out there. I will be off at camp for a week and am not sure what kind of computer access they will have. So my posting from Monday to Friday is unknown at this time.

Check back daily to see.

This is a great reason to use a blog reader as it brings the content to you when it is posted versus you checking over and over for it.

My favorite is Google Reader. I use so many resources from Google so I have never tried anything else.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Valuable Family Time

Two busy days have kept me from posting. Tonight my oldest two daughters took me to see The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Tomorrow I'll probably do a review. It was great hanging out with them tonight.

Remember the value of family as you all work...whether in ministry or in the secular world. The Bibles says what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul.

I also think it could read gain the whole world and miss his family growing up.

This past year has been great for my family. We have spent more time together on a weekly basis that we ever did in the previous five years.

There is so much of a push in ministry today that we all need to remember to spend that valuable time with our family. You never get a second chance.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Google Reader Trends

This was in my google reader trends:

From your 66 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 1,695 items, starred 70 items, and shared 47 items.

ReachDestiny-cast Episode 33

ReachDestiny-cast...Podcast #33 for Elevate...Here we go...Juno Garcia, Jason Curlee, Rachel Cullers, Shelly Stokes, Onessimo Morales, Jessenia Hernandez, and Maritza Delgado talk about the night and about Reaching Your Destiny.

This week our message is called "Reaching Your Destiny". It is by Juno Garcia and continues our series called ELEV8FLIX and is based on the movie Shrek.

Our nugget time is by Jason Curlee.

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Reticular Activating System

I really love the reticular activating system. How many of you just said, huh??? the what???

The reticular activating system or RAS for short, is rather unknown to most people. I have know about this little marvel of God's creation for a couple of years. It is something that could add a lot of value to your life.

Mark Batterson had a great post today on the RAS and what it is all about. Here is a short excerpt:
The Reticular Activating System (RAS) is a cluster of nerve cells in the brainstem that regulate alertness and attention. We are bombarded by thousands of stimuli every second--different sights, sounds and sensations. It is the job of the RAS to regulate which stimuli you pay attention to and which stimuli you ignore. It is the gatekeeper or screening device. Or think of it as mental radar. The RAS determines what you notice and what goes unnoticed.

Here's how it works. When you purchase a cell phone or clothing or a car, it creates a category in your reticular activating system. You notice if someone's cell phone has the same ring tone don't you? Because you go to answer yours! You notice if someone is wearing your outfit at the same event. Can you say awkward? And the second you drive your new car out of the lot, it seems like everyone is driving your model car.
Great stuff Mark...He has some more info in his post if you are interested.

Transformer Promo

By Now You Know I Like To Create Graphics...some good...some that miss the mark completly.

Well here is one we will be using in two weeks just because I will be doing a message on Transformers...

Need to catch up!!! Check out all my various graphic posts.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The 500 Milestone

This is it. Post number 500. A great milestone in my blogging history.

For me it's hard to believe that I have posted 500 times. Of course there was that month I did 100 in.

Of course there was a lot of pressure of what I should write about. Should it be a really good one. Should it be longer than normal. Personal...Helpful.

There were so many directions to go. So with all the pressure, I'm taking the pressure off and am going to write about nothing.

Of course you probably couldn't say I am writing about nothing cause I'm writing about this which would not make this.....nothing. HUH????

Anyway, I'm off to the water cooler to celebrate with a glass of water.

Milestone 500 in the bag...on my way to 1,000...To all my friends, readers, and family who make this possible by reading my non-sense...know that this is for you and that you are blessed and highly favored.


Preaching Posts

I love to read stuff on communicating better.

Check out this week on some helpful posts on preaching. I will be posting up links to all the posts this weekend.

Make sure you read the comments as they have even more great advice.

Skrek Promo

New Little Promo Graphic For Elevate ala Shrek.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Life After Death By Powerpoint

Great Powerpoint Lessons for Communicators.

Life After Death by PowerPoint

Add to My Profile | More Videos

Much Thanks To Josh Griffin for the find.

*** RSS readers may have to go to the original post to view.

Extreme Money Makeover Banner Graphic

Here is the outside banner graphic I created for an upcoming series in our Church.

The series is called Extreme Money Makeover.

Monday, June 11, 2007

As If...

As If I Didn't Have Enough To Read...I went ahead and added about 6 or 7 new blogs to my reader.

All right all you guys and gals...I'm watchin'...uhhh, no readin'...yeah that's it.

Most promising newbie on my reader.|Anne Jackson

Check her out.

Spreadin' the Link Love!!!! ;)

Team Preparation Benefits

To sharpen the development of our messages, several months ago our Children's Pastor and I began to create our messages and series together. Part of this was in my response to reading The BIG IDEA – Focus the Message and Multiply the Impact" by Dave Ferguson.

A lot of pastors I talk to feel they "have" to grind our message prep alone. I have found that a team approach to preparation has many benefits for me.

1) Saved Time - Having two people bounce ideas off each other in a two hour session has enabled us to save valuable time in prepping our messages alone.
2) Sharper Theology - Developing our messages together allows us to not be isolated in our own theology. We are neither persons yes man but are a valuable check to see that we are staying on the right track in our teaching.
3) Super Creativity - We each have a knack for taking an idea and improving it. Alone it would probably fall a lot shorter and end a lot earlier than we take it.
4) Shorter Brain Cramps - Because we can talk out things we don't get stuck hardly at all.

You can read a great interview Dave posted on his blog that talks more about the Big Idea.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Memory Lane and Youtube

Sorry about those last two...I was walking down memory lane on youtube tonight.

Those were the years I decided I no longer was going to do church and God.

I used to love rap. I remember the early stuff. Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five, early Run DMC, etc...

We used to go over to my cousins and practice breakdancing everyday. Crazy....

What does that have to do with anything? Absolutely nothing!!!

Just a little character development.

Remember 1984 - Breakdancing 2

Beat Street Breakdown...huuuuraaaa

Remember 1984 - Breakdancing

Oh yeah...I somewhat remember 8th and 9th grade.

Turbo rocks...

I hate to say it but (and don't be hatin' on me) this is what got me into breakdancing.

What Should Matter

I was leaving a response to a post at Relevant Christian today and thought about what should matter to a church today.

What should matter to more and more pastors and churches today is that when the world looks at us they are not seeing something they like. And it is the reason "Church" is not growing. Although some would argue with that.

What should matter is that more and more people are dying and going to hell each and every day.

What should matter is how we are going to change the climate of our communities.

What should matter is how we are going to impact culture in a way that reaches the next generations.

What should matter is that more and more teens leave the church when they leave to college. (And it isn't the youth pastors fault.)

What should matter is the amount of homeless and hungry people "in our country".

What should matter is that one of the largest mission fields in the world is sitting in school in America Monday through Friday.

Don't know if I will post a what shouldn't matter.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Thoughts From Acts Part 8

If any of you happen to read Mark Batterson's blog,, you might have seen his post called Acts 2 vs. Acts 17.

Here is a little excerpt:
A few weeks ago I heard James Emery White, former President of Gordon-Conwell Seminary, speak at the Q Conference. And he made a great distinction between two approaches to culture. He said we can't afford to approach culture as if we're living in an Acts 2 age where we're surrounded by God-fearing Jews. We need to approach culture like we're living in an Acts 17 age where we're surrounded by idolatry like Paul in Athens. I've always felt like Acts 17 is "the model" when it comes to decoding culture.

I would describe Athens as a culture of misdirected spirituality. There were altars all over the place including the altar to an unknown god. Seems to me that America is a nation of worshipers, but our worship is misdirected. We worship celebrities. We worship athletes. We worship wealth. We worship the body. We worship just about everything except God.
I have been meditating on that thought now for a couple of days and would really like to dig in to it.

How do we change that approach? I used to work for a church who even formed their mission statement from Acts 2.

Can we build an effective church based on that model? What part of that can be used?

How do you approach culture knowing we are in more of an Acts 17 mentality?

Is there a biblical approach we can utilize in today's culture?

Mark touched on it but didn't dig into it. Your thoughts or questions to add are welcome. Please comment.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Innovation and Creativity

Harvard Professor Theodore Levitt said "Creativity thinks up new things. Innovation does new things."

That is a huge difference.

There are a lot of creative churches. Churches that think up new things. I often think up new things or new ways of doing things. There are a lot of those churches that stop right there though.

Often times many of these churches fear failure or going against the norm, killing the sacred cow...there are tons of excuses.

The innovative churches don't stop at the creativity part but go into the innovative part. This all lies in execution. It is an action word. They go from thinking to doing.

Innovative churches execute on the creative urges and inspirations. Innovative churches don't fear failure but thrive on experimentation.

When everything is an experiment nothing is a failure because you are always learning.

All of us must keep the creative muscles flexing but at the same time we must execute to become innovative.

Video Podcast 6-6-07

Here is the first part of our podcast from 6-6-07 on video for you. So you can get a little bit of our flavor.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

I Wonder

Acts 2 ends with a great thought that I have been coming back too over and over again.

Let me throw it out to you from the Message Bible.

Acts 2:47 People in general liked what they saw. Every day their number grew as God added those who were saved.

Now, I wonder why so many churches close down each year. I wonder why so many churches don't have that many people being saved in them. I wonder why that in over 80% of the counties in America the largest church doesn't reach 1% of the county population.

Gee...I Wonder....Maybe it's because people in general "don't" like what they see.

I don't know...I'm just throwing it out there.

When you look at those two sentences that end that chapter you see the first one where people liked what they saw and then the second one where every day their number grew.

I I know that the second one was a byproduct of the first one. The church grew because people liked what they saw. Not only grew but daily people were saved. People saw a true community and it attracted them to it.

You Know Your Ghetto When

When your backup phone to your newer broken phone has to be duct taped together.

Now That's Ghetto!!!

Anybody got a spare phone.

Soul-cast Episode 32

Soul-cast...Podcast #32 for Elevate...Here we go...Juno Garcia, Jason Curlee, Rachel Cullers, Onessimo Morales, Jessenia Hernandez, Tommy Montoya and Maritza Delgado host a live talk show in our meeting.

This week our message is called "Who Owns Your Soul". It is by Jason Curlee and begins a new series called ELEV8FLIX and is based on the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.

Our nugget time is by Jason Curlee.

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I'll Probably Skip A Lot

After 10 days of not reading blog posts...I have many are tons? To many to count.

But here are the top posters on my Google Reader in the last 10 days.

Josh Griffin 34
Carlos Whitaker 33

Got him by a nose at the end.

In a close run for third was:

Mark Batterson 26
Tony McCollum 25
Gary Lamb 24
Ben Arment 23

Also to throw in there was little ole' me...and I wasn't keeping count: 31

Thoughts From Acts Part 7 And Ponder

Hey...I survived! End of the 10 days and God really gave me a lot of inspiration during it on the book of Acts. I mainly spent today reading and reading the first two chapters. They are so good.

End of Acts Chapter Two reads like this:

Acts 2:47 People in general liked what they saw. Every day their number grew as God added those who were saved.

The first sentence led to the second there.

What an awesome community of believers they had.

How about a little somethin' to ponder as well:

If people hadn't liked what they saw...would they have grown daily???

Thoughts From Acts Part 6

I hope you have been enjoying my journaling from the Book of Acts. It has brought me some unique thoughts and twists that I have never looked at. It has also stirred up in me an holy discontent for how I'm doing ministry.

As I'm going back through it. Acts 1:8 is really standing out to me.

From The Message Bible it reads as such: "And when the Holy Spirit comes on you, you will be able to be my witnesses in Jerusalem, all over Judea and Samaria, even to the ends of the world."

I get three principles about my ministry and perhaps this could be for a church from this passage.

1) Holy Spirit Led
2) Evangelistic
3) Reproducing

Monday, June 04, 2007

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Prayer For My Partners

Thought I would post a prayer today. This is for those guys that decided to partner with me in the fast.

Father, today I pray for Randy, Tyler, and Tommy. Open the windows of heaven over each of their ministries. Draw from the north, the south, the east and the west those that you have destined to be part of their work. Give each of them favor. I pray you gird them with strength. Even now Father dispatch your angels to be at work for all of their needs. As they speak, let your Word and Your Spirit guide their thoughts. Let them minister behind your mantle Jesus so that you will be scene. I come against any plan that the enemy may have for their lives and their communities. I loose now the plan of God in their lives and bind the enemies plan from coming forth.

Father, I pray for my church, my pastor, and our staff. Anoint each of us with the power of Your Holy Spirit. Give us favor to reach and change our community. Help us to show the love of God to those in our paths...that we may reach, raise and restore their lives.


Thoughts From Acts Part 5

Well it is day 8 through the book of Acts. I have two chapters to go and then I'll be starting over. I will be going through it again. I want to get some things clear.

Major take-aways:
  • The Church GREW.
  • No Altar Calls. Just a call to repent and be baptized. It seems they let no one escape without being baptized.
  • Persecution forced the church to go out. I wonder if they would have kept it in-house without it.
  • No matter how hard you try. Someone who is really religious is going to have a hard time changing. But then again, Paul is a unique example of the opposite.
  • The Church GREW. Amazing.....

Saturday, June 02, 2007

A No Sited Blog Experiment

Well here goes. I am typing this whole blog withought looking. My hopes are that it can show that you can do this without proofing your own material before publishing.

If you are a nomal reader of this blog. Just go ahead and skip it and don't look back. If you are new to this blog. I am sorry. I was challenged by The Confessions Standand I know that there will be no way to highlight links.

This is very hard casue I acan't read where my thoughts are going.

So I am stopping now and if you read the post that is prior to this one you will know why I did it.

Aggghhhh...I really want to read this to see how it came out.

I Got Caught Cheating I got caught least so I'm told...guess I'll have to go to The Confessions Stand.

Anyway, a buddy of mine told me that technically since I'm reading my own blog that is considered cheating.

***I'm not reading blogs or books for 10 days.

Now, technically he "may" be right but you have to proof-read your post or you won't catch the mistakes.

So in honor of him I am going to type my next blog and publish it without even looking.

FYI...I did cheat yesterday...I couldn't help it...well maybe I could have. Right now I have probably over 200 or 300 posts that others have posted and I happened to be tempting myself by looking at some of the titles yesterday and well I kind of "looked at one".

The title grabbed my attention and I had to read. I had something like that happen to me about seven years ago and well it got the best of me.

Want to know what I cheated on...--->>>CLICK HERE<<<---

Friday, June 01, 2007

The Blogging Experiment

Ok....I can catch my breath this month and not kill everyone with blog reading overload.

Last month was a little experiment on blogging I did. I have tried different methods to get a feel of what, how, and who I will be on the blogosphere.

About mid-month I realized I was on the pace of three blogs a day. So I thought lets keep that pace. To do that though some days I had to do five or six posts.

It actually was rather easy unless they were long blogs...a lot of what I was throwing out were my feelings and thoughts at the moment. Some longer than others.

My thinking at the end of this experiment is that I need to not worry about putting out as much content.

I think to keep momentum on your blog you need to post at least once a day. Once you get to three and four a day like I was doing, I think you potentially lose some readers. Those loyal to you will have no problem but the readers that are always looking for something new will get lost in the blast.

So if you want to gain some momentum on your blog here is my advice:
  • Post great content. When people do come they want to read something good.
  • Post a minimum of once a day. Twice would be okay. Once could be on your thoughts and the other could be about your journey.
  • Contribute on others blogs. Leave comments. A lot of my hits come from leaving comments on other blogs I read. Blogging is a community and people are always looking and reading what others have to say.