Friday, May 04, 2007

Ways To Use Myspace In Ministry

Using video is not the only technology we utilize in ministry. I am a big believer in redeeming technology and utilizing it for discipleship, evangelism, spreading information and just about any other creative thing you can think up.

There has been a lot of heat about myspace in the church over the years. Should you use it, should you not? Look at the content that is on there, we need to stay away.

The reality is that we need to not run away from these forms of media and technology but redeem them. We don't need a freakin' Godspace that we can form our little God clicks. We need to be all over the current ones.

Some of the ways we have used myspace are:
  • Created a ministry myspace page. From there we embed our youtube videos and graphics about who we are so teens can easily link there.
  • From my personal myspace page we post comments every Monday in our teens myspace pages inviting them to come out so their friends can see what we are about. We will post our promo videos and graphics. These become little advertisements that friends of our teens can see.
  • Post bulletins for upcoming events.
  • Leave encouraging notes for our teens.
  • Keep up with our leaders through the instant messaging feature.
The major reality is that not all of our teens have a myspace but more than half do. They had it before they came to Elevate so we have embraced it and are using it to reach out. Is there some junk in it...sure...but we can't escape all the junk in the world. But we can be a light in the darkness.

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