Sunday, May 27, 2007

Thoughts From Acts Part 1

So today starts my journey through the Book of Acts over the next 10 days. Today I read Chapters One through Eight from the Message Translation.

Here are my thoughts:
  • In Chapter One, Jesus told the disciples they would get the Holy Spirit and be witnesses. Then Jesus was taken up and the disciples stood there staring. How often are we staring and waiting for God to act or waiting for a move of God when we should be going. Quit staring!!!
  • Together was a huge theme in those first chapters. If it were the theme of today would we perhaps accomplish as much?
  • We must speak the language of those around us. Church today is still speaking the language from 20 to 30 years ago. R-E-L-E-V-A-N-T
  • The early church grew exponentially. 3,000 in one day then to 5, infinity and beyond. Is there anyway to prepare for that? Who cares lets do it!!!
  • They weren't adding Christians...over and over it said they were adding disciples. Jesus didn't come to make Christians He came to make disciples.
  • There's that word INCREASE again - a recurring theme in the first six chapters. By leaps and bonds...increased dramatically...they multiplied faster than rabbits...there were so many they stopped counting...either that or they couldn't count that high back then. HAHAHAHA...that was a joke.
  • Stephen got his preach on....but this phrase stood out to me. Acts 7:55 "But Stephen full of the Holy Spirit, hardly noticed--he only had eyes for God." OH that's good...very James Bondish...
  • In Chapter 8 persecution forced the Church into the world. Would they have stayed if not? Is that why we stay?
  • There was an infectious quality. They infected everything around them. Do we? Are we contagious anymore?
  • After eight chapters...I don't remember a single altar call...only "Repent and be Baptized"...not would you like to get saved today...they repented and dipped on the spot...Guess I need to put in a purchase request for a hot tub in the youth room...HEY IT'S BIBLICAL...well maybe not.

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