Thursday, May 03, 2007

Impact The Community

There are a few pastors out there that touch on something that relates so much to me. Perry Noble has been writing a series of post called "I Dream Of A Church". Here is part 1. Here is part 2.

Their church called Newspring is blowing the roof off in Anderson, South Carolina. Where again is that???

Here is an excerpt:
#4 - That Impacts The Community!

I want to see this community turned upside down for Christ! Someone once asked me how much money we give to missions…my reply was, “every single dime that comes into NewSpring is spent on missions. Anderson, SC is our mission…and we will eventually begin to see serious impact across the world–but not until we have IMPACTED our community.”

Don’t get me wrong–I am concerned about the kids who are starving in the world–but what about the kids that are starving here in Anderson? I am concerned about the sick and the homeless…but I feel that our church would by hypocritical if we sent a check off to some organization and patted ourselves on the back for it…but did nothing about it right here in our own backyard.

People have asked me, “When is NewSpring going to start a school.” My response is always the same, “On the day hell freezes over–we will start a Christian school.” WAIT…I am NOT speaking against Christian schools…I am saying our vision is not isolation but rather reach children, teach them to be salt and light…and reach so many of them that our public schools become Christian schools! THAT is how you impact a community.

If you are a pastor and God has given you a vision to begin a school…GO FOR IT! You have to be true to the vision God has given you. He wants each church to impact the community it is in…and that will be done in different ways. Our way right now is to provide a place that has environments where people can meet Christ and be embraced in community. We feel that is happening…but we are about to launch some things that will BLOW THE ROOF OFF THIS PLACE…AND…we are getting ready for some regional and global things that are going to be AWESOME as well!!!

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