Tuesday, August 22, 2006

God Is Always Perfect

I'm sitting in my office about to start my day. There is a lot to do. We got our first Back to School Bash next week. I have to move all of our sound equipment into our room which we just finished. Get some TV's to mount on the wall. Purchase some new sound equipment. The one thing I don't have to do is our youth service this week cause we are combining in with our main service for Paul Ai from Vietnam.

Probably one of the hardest things in ministry is that you don't have a whole lot of people to talk to about the things you are going through. You can't talk to your congregation. You can't talk to your Sr. Pastor. Therefore it is of great value to establish some relationships outside of your circle of influence. With people whom you can trust and probably do the same time of work that you do. For example if you are a youth pastor you could establish a relationship with another y.p. from another city. Perhaps one you could learn from and who has gone through some of same battles you have gone through.

God always establishes moments in places we are to help us gather the people around us that are going to strengthen us. As iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another. It is important though that we keep close to the Source. The one who is a friend that sticks closer than a brother. He is the one that will never let us done. When we rationalize all God does for us we can always look back and see how He always does it just perfect, even though sometimes we don't think so.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

A Battle Cry

This week marked the 3rd week in a row where we have had over 50 in our service. It is now official we have doubled the amount of teens in our service since we first arrived in April. Although there is some great excitement in me about this achievement. There is also a great desire to do more. The battle is on and I can feel the enemy is aware and that we are going to bring him a fight.

Currently, among teens born after 1984, there are only 4% that are Bible-Believing Christians. That number has to change if our country is to remain a Christian. The battle is great for teens out there. The enemy knows if he can secure this generation that he can change the course of our country.

I have vowed to do all I can for the next 5 years to make sure that this doesn't happen. But it is going to take more than me. I can do my part but it is going to take Sr. Pastors, Youth Pastors, Adults and teens alike to realize and get out of the current box we are in.
Recently to show my devotion I signed up for a battlecry at http://www.battlecry.com/ I encourage everyone to do this. Especially if you are in Church of Hope. Join the battle with me. Link arms with me and lets go after and win this generation. Doing this will show me just how serious you are in this battle. If you are in Church of Hope you can join our church group there at BattleCry to show your support.. http://www.battlecry.com/church.php?church_id=193

You can view mine at http://www.battlecry.com/battleplan.php?username=jaycurl

My goal is to not only change this city but to help other youth pastors and teens everywhere to make a greater impact in their lives. As we join this fight together we can defeat the enemies plans to rob this generation.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Feels Like It Gets Better And Better

This Wednesday was another great night....52 in attendance and 11 first time visitors....what that tells me is our teens are doing it....they are the ones that are bringing their friends.

All we have done is facilitate the proper atmosphere where they can make a difference. The cornerstones of our service are having an awesome time of worship where teens can have an encounter with God...a offering time where teens can give of themselves to God....a short time of friendship making....a relevant and practical message...and an altar call where lives can be turned around.

Our worship band, Frontline, is getting so fired up about leading teens to the throne. Everytime they learn a new song I see them getting more and more passionate about what they are doing. This week they learned "Take It All" by United Live. They must have sung it 10 times after service and people were just staying and watching and singing and dancing along. It was awesome. At one time there were about 40 people after service just watching them....it was cool to see God using them.

The weekend is upon us and we will be going to Victoria on Saturday for a Volleyball game. Today I'm at home and am going to hopefully get some undisturbed work done. Fridays are one of my days off and I usally just relax. Today I am going to get some work done for our Back To School Bash. I had been working on flyers and stuff for it. If you in the Corpus Area come out and check it out. You can get a look at our youth ministry at http://www.myspace.com/elevateyouthcc


Sunday, August 06, 2006

To Make A Difference

Well, here I am up really late on a Saturday night....That Monster Drink has me wired....I have just been sitting here surfing for worship music and also just going through some friends sites on Myspace.

This weekend has kind of been a lazy weekend. My kiddos are off visiting their grandparents and are enjoying it so my wife and I have been home alone. This week I start a new series...it will be a short two week series called "Beyond our Borders" I will be challenging our youth to reach out priming them for our Back to School Bash that is happening on Aug. 30th.

I am about to start prepping for our Young Adult Compass Class in the morning. We have been going through "Battle Cry for My Generation" By Ron Luce. Tomorrow I get to teach them.
Many good things going on but through it all there seems to be a hunger growing in me once again. It seems that I am never satisfied with being status quo. I really don't think God wants us to be. I know His desire is to see us growing in our relationship with Him. I also know He wants us to grow spiritually. Getting back into Pastoring has ignited a spark in me again. I really want to do something beyond the norm. As we build this youth ministry here I see something that is going to be...man it's hard to explain it. It is like I can close my eyes and see it but words can't seem to come out. I was explaining it to one of my best friends, Juno, the other day. I was really sharing my heart with Him telling him where I felt we were going. He is one of my top leaders. I just really want to make a huge difference with my life. I feel like God has put so much in me and I just want to get it all out for Him. I just want to let it all hang out for God and see what can happen.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

A New Record

WoW! Let me say it again.....WOW!!!!

Last night we had our youth service and we had 57 people total at it. 45 teens altogether with 6 first time visitors....AMAZING...God is so amazing. He keeps blowing me away each week. This blew our best since I have been there by 11 people.

I just keep stepping back and letting Him and these teens just do it. They are totally responding and realizing that this thing is only going to be as great as they make it. Now that we have a full worship team. The next project to work on is a drama and dance team. Our Back to School Bash is coming in at the end of this month. I am expecting at least 75 teens at this. I feel we will be closer to 100. You guys that are praying for my wife and I keep it up. God is doing something great down here and it is only going to get better and better. PeAcE!!!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Warrior Within

I heard a great comment that I want to quote. This weekend we saw United Live at Lakewood in Houston...TOTALLY AWESOME. The intensity of worship was awesome. I was taking it all in. The building, the lights, the sound....and in the midst of all that I tried to worship.

Joel Houston told of a diary entry from a teen in their ministry in Australia who died. This teen had written, "what good is the armor of God without the warrior inside." It has had me thinking ever since that night. Many years ago I always felt my life sort of paralled David. Well ok I know I'm not king or anything...yet...LOL What I always felt is that I have been passionate about worship as he was. I felt God had created me to be a warrior. Well for a few years now I have let that slip away. It is time for me to regain that warrior spirit. Time for me to let the warrior loose within me once again.

God has destined my wife and I to do something great here at Church of Hope. Something that has never been done before. Something that is going to rock the world. We are partnering with a great group of teens and people and a pastor who wants to build something significant.