Friday, May 25, 2007

Destiny Unfolding

This past week in our meeting I set back and watched how destiny has unfolded

12 years ago I made a decision to do student ministry. A decision that has seen it's share of mountain tops and valleys. Often times the fruit of what you planted is not seen in the here and now.

I made a decision to run to my destiny. A decision I never look back on with regret. In fact it is now seeing the fruit of that labor that continues to put a drive in me to reach more people.

It was awesome to sit in that meeting and see 3 teens from the ministry we were pastors over 7 years ago now on staff with me. Two of them were so dear to our family as their dad was the Associate Pastor when I first came on staff there in 1995.

Their family faced some serious challenges and struggles for the past 10 years and we have started to see God bringing things back together.

When we choose to reach our destiny we won't always see the fruit or have everyone run and tell us how great we are, but the seeds you plant will grow and you will reap a harvest one day.

Who knows, the life you may reach today may set the world on fire tomorrow.

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