Friday, February 02, 2007

Life Plan Recap

At the beginning of the year we began a series of posts on "Developing A Life Plan". Developing a life plan is necessary to focus your energies towards the path you are taking. As you focus what you are doing it will ensure that you will achieve the highest level possible toward the purpose, vision and goals of your life.

As we have already laid out in the previous posts in this series, knowing your purpose and breaking your life down into the seven areas listed is going to help us bring proper focus and balance we will need.

In our next post on this series we will talk about setting values and the reason having values in these areas is going to help us in our development of our plan.

You can get caught up by reading the first four posts of the "Developing A Life Plan" series listed below. Just click on any of them to read.

1. Possess Your Land
2. Your Life Purpose
3. Personal Life Planning
4. Components of a Life Plan

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