Thursday, May 10, 2007

An Angry Moment

Craig at Swerve has been doing a series on Postal Pastors...great title I might add Craig.

Last night I had an angry moment, in the middle of my message. Hold on, it was in a good way. Here's why.

I'm tired of teens screwing up their life, especially when they don't have to.

Here is what really gets my goat:
  • Young teen girls who have been convinced by some teen guy that if they loved them they would have sex with them.
  • Seeing junior high girls pregnant.
  • Teens who think it is no big deal to have that first drink because it is their right of passage.
  • Teens cashing in their dreams for a hit on a joint or drop of "x".
  • Guys or girls who have bought into the lie that "everyone's" doing it.
  • Young boys or girls dying in the streets for the lifestyle.
  • Babies dying because some teen girl got pregnant and no longer knows what to do.
Enough of this insanity. Parents, youth leaders, pastors...we are doing the same thing over and over hoping to get different results. Enough I say.
  • Teens stop cashing in your dreams for a temporary pleasure.
  • Parents, grow up, your teens future is dependent on you. And don't give me that "well" or "but" crap. Dad be a man, tell them no. Get them into church every time you can. Oh need to be there as well.
  • Youth leaders and pastors, lets give our teens and children the best. If we say they are our passion then lets show them.
I'm not buying into the line by one of the top youth organizations who I've had discussions with in the past that comes across like everything is ok in this country. Well it's not. Thank God there are other teen organizations out there (like Teen Mania - even if you don't agree with their methods) that recognize there is a problem and are not going to stand by and not do anything.

Teens in church get involved don't just be a pew sitter. We have enough of that in church. Recognize now that servanthood is not an "if I feel like it" it is a requirement.

Parents get out your student ministry pastor and find out what you can do.

Youth leaders get it together...become better administrators, communicators, and lead a world class organization.

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