Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Brain Drain

I had a great coaching meeting with a local pastor of youth ministries today. I have been working with Jerome for the past year and today he came over to see our message prep system.

He is currently searching for a new position elsewhere as he felt God has called him to move on. This made him available today to come over and spend some extended time.

Between that and lunch it brought up a few things to think about. So let's drain my brain for a few minutes.

1. Do pastors today continue to feed the small church mentality or is it the people? I hear and read a lot of this through blogs and podcasts. Who is the culprit? Or is there one?

2. The role of the children's pastor is huge to a youth pastor. Today's teen, when we receive them, has pretty much formed their beliefs. The children's pastor can set the pace on their spiritual development.

3. Who really is more accountable for the spiritual formation of a child and teen? The youth/children's pastor, who get maybe tops 1 to 5 hours a week if that or the parent who gets 40 to 80 plus.

4. Can one 30 minute message counteract 35 hours of a secular/humanistic school message?

5. Do more events = more growth?

6. What does "go and make disciples" really mean? Are we doing that or contributing to the American Church status quo?

7. How far in sermontaining (sermon + entertaining) people should be go?

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