Friday, May 04, 2007

Creating Momentum Through Message Series

One area we are passionate about is communicating. When ministering to people there are many things we can do to garner momentum in growing our churches and ministries.

Tony Morgan had a great post as well as an article in Outreach Magazine that communicates some great points on Message Series. I'll let you read an excerpt and elaborate in a future post.

Here are the points that stood out to me in the article:
  • Schedule your series to last more than six weeks. A series will probably lose momentum after six weeks. People consider a new series as an opportunity to invite their friends, but the longer the series drags on, the less likely those they invite will come.
  • Pack your church calendar so full that inviting friends to worship isn’t a priority. The more activities and ministries you provide, not to mention meetings you schedule, the less you’ll focus on your weekend services. Ask yourself: What is our primary way for reaching people who don't attend church? If the answer is your weekend service, focus on making that effective by doing less of something else.
  • Teach too much in each message. Too many points can confuse not only your listeners, but you as well. Pick one point and stick to it. And remember ... brevity is your friend.
  • Teach the truth without life application. For the most part, people don't need more knowledge, but rather to learn how to put their existing knowledge into action. They know Jesus died for them, but what does this mean for them when their alarm goes off on Monday morning?
  • Don't tease the coming series with appropriate promotions. Launching a series without letting people know it’s coming does no good. How will your members invite people ahead of time? Promote what you’ll be talking about and why they should care enough to attend.
  • Don't sweat the details. A good series involves more than just developing a message. When a team of experts comes together to plan out the messages—the art elements, the promotions and the rest of the service experience—there’s a much better chance the series will succeed in both offering biblical truth and reaching more people for Christ.

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