Thursday, May 31, 2007

Summer Blowout

Last night we had our Summer Blowout for Elevate.

Several things went down for the's the re-cap for those that won't to know.

They stopped counting at 101. Then we had more come in at the end. Nights like this we end up having a lot and they are hard to track because there are so many elements.

There were probably around 110+ total on the night...17 first time guests.

Two First Time Salvations and Seven Rededications.

To kick off the night we had inflatable games and basketball outside. At 7 we came in for our Elevate meeting and our band kicked it off with three songs.

We did Solution off the new Hillsong United cd...first rocked. This song is on my myspace page if you want to hear or go to their myspace.

Next we did Living For You by Gateway Worship. Song was rocking and our teens started filtering to the front to praise God.

We then rocked it with What the World Will Never Take by Hillsong the time we were about one quarter into this song about 60 teens were up front praising and worshipping.

It was awesome...there was so much energy going with our worship team...I was sweating and when that song ending we went into a fourth unplanned song...Evermore by Hillsong United.

Obviously you can see we like Hillsong United.

HillsongUnited Myspace

After that we went into our nugget time (offering). Then I spoke a message called The Divine Factor about how without God everything is meaningless.

Then we did the D Factor live show. And three guys were challenged to drinking a happy meal was nasty.

To end the night we had an hour concert with a band named "THEY". Check out their myspace. They rocked our socks off...totally jammin...and I would refer them to anyone.

Totally awesome night. Success. Thanks to a great team who worked hard....YOU GUYS AND GALS ARE THE BEST.

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