Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ministry Leadership Reflection

Great organizational and leadership thoughts today by Gina at Here are the deep thoughts but make sure you read her whole post:
* In ministry, we think as long as everybody is happy we are successful
* We tend to build ministry around our own preferences
* Sometimes we convince ourselves that what we’re doing is working

This is one reason why teams are so important. I used to design my messages on my own but now do it with our Children's Pastor. Each month we lay out our series and then weekly we create the messages. Doing this together has helped me not design everything from my perspective.

Leadership in ministry is not just about designing ministry how "I" think it should be. There can be a danger in that.

What if I'm wrong? ("God, I hope not.")

Designing ministry within a team creates a check and balance. The role of great leadership is to bring out the best in everyone as we create an organization that inspires to impact the community around us.

Here is a closing thought:

Often times we think we are setting up our meeting to reach the lost, but have we even checked with them?

Now I know that is maybe some strange thinking but is it true. I have been a follower of Christ for 14 years. Am I setting up a ministry that is really reaching them and is welcoming to them or is it fitting me.

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