Friday, February 09, 2007

Series Synopsis

As I have already laid out in a previous post called Message Prep System, one month out we lay out our series. This is not a hard and fast set-up and can change but gives us the direction we will be heading. There are a few blanks in there that will be filled in on the days that we create the message.

Here is the synopsis for our March Series called Lost:

LOST – “Surviving the Mystery of the Unknown”

Series Verse:

Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”


Trust in God

Series Synopsis:

In life we sometimes arrive in a place where we feel all alone. During these times we go through phases of feeling stranded and begin living in survival mode. We must begin to learn to go to a place where we can be rescued. When we feel “lost”, our trust in knowing we can do all things through Christ will help us survive the mystery of the unknown. Coming to a realization that we must have a complete and utter trust in God will enable our faith to grow stronger.


Date – March 7, 2007

Message Name – “Arrival”

Big Idea – Good Enough to God Enough

Scripture – Genesis 11:31 to Genesis 12:3

Application – Don’t Settle For Second Best When You Can Have First

Message Synopsis – Sometimes life can be good to us and we can arrive in a place where we feel all alone. Times where we feel others and God are no where to be found. Leaping off the TV screen from the “Lost Series” this message called “Arrived” is about how in life, when we focus on “I”, we find ourselves “Lost”. When the Israelites felt arrived to the Promised Land they doubted God and ended up wandering around lost in the wilderness for 40 years. They faced the challenge of wanting to go back to Egypt where they felt it was good enough rather than into the land promised which was God enough. We must come to realize that we must not stay where it is good enough but go where it is God enough.

Date – March 14, 2007

Message Name – “Stranded”

Big Idea – Turn Alone Time into God Times


Application – Stay Faithful

Message Synopsis – After we come to the realization of our arrival into a phase of life of being “lost”, we begin to believe that we have become stranded. Being stranded is a feeling of abandonment. It is feeling that we are alone. As our focus turns on us it is during this time that we believe the “I can do” emotions that accompany our life during this time. It is the focal point around which we can either remain alone or develop our dependency on God. We turn our alone time into God times as we stay faithful to our relationship with God.

Date – March 21, 2007

Message Name – “Survival”

Big Idea – Trust God in the Face of the Unknown

Scripture – Psalm 56:1-4

Application – Live A Life Of Praise

Message Synopsis – After being stranded our concentration then turns to “Survival”. It is during this stage that we begin to take stock of our resources. Our thinking turns to a focus of “I Can Do All Things”. It is at this time that we trust in ourselves and our resources instead of “Trusting God in the Face of the Unknown”.

Date – March 28, 2007

Message Name – “Rescued”

Big Idea – Letting Go of Everything



Message Synopsis – By design we do not like not knowing. When we face times of being “lost” we often come to an end of ourselves. This is almost a place of no hope. As we begin to grasp that all we can do does not get us anywhere we can then turn our attention to the only one that can rescue us. Our awareness goes from self to God as the true meaning of “I can do all things through Christ” comes into the forefront when we begin “Letting Go of Everything”.

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