Friday, May 25, 2007

What They Don't Tell You

If you are a Pastor, associate, staff, or team member, Steven Furtick gives some great What They Don't Tell You advice.

Here is how he kicks off the three part series:
I am pretty much a leadership conference/leadership book/leadership blog junkie. I try to go to some type of leadership training event at least every other month. I follow about 10 leadership blogs daily. I attempt to read one leadership book per week. And after all that, I still feel hungry for more.

Not because there’s a shortage of material on leadership. But because the books and talks and blogs usually don’t tell the whole story. There is always a back story of struggle behind every front page story of success. There is usually an ugly underbelly of disappointment on the flipside of the sunny side of leadership accomplishments. There are footnotes of failure beneath every happy ending.

So here’s a 3 part series on what they (the books and keynote speakers) don’t tell you. The stuff that rarely make it past the editor, because it doesn’t sell books. The bone chilling (and sometimes liberating) truth about some of the challenges of leading a thriving ministry.
Read all three articles if you feel these could be just for you.

What They Don't Tell You PART 1
What They Don't Tell You PART 2
What They Don't Tell You PART 3

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