Saturday, June 02, 2007

I Got Caught Cheating I got caught least so I'm told...guess I'll have to go to The Confessions Stand.

Anyway, a buddy of mine told me that technically since I'm reading my own blog that is considered cheating.

***I'm not reading blogs or books for 10 days.

Now, technically he "may" be right but you have to proof-read your post or you won't catch the mistakes.

So in honor of him I am going to type my next blog and publish it without even looking.

FYI...I did cheat yesterday...I couldn't help it...well maybe I could have. Right now I have probably over 200 or 300 posts that others have posted and I happened to be tempting myself by looking at some of the titles yesterday and well I kind of "looked at one".

The title grabbed my attention and I had to read. I had something like that happen to me about seven years ago and well it got the best of me.

Want to know what I cheated on...--->>>CLICK HERE<<<---

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Chris Day said...

Jason how is it cheating? It does not record the host computer (the one you sign in on) as a regular OR daily attender. You are clear. Look all you want. It won't boost your traffic at all.

If you "friend" doens't believe me install google analytics and see for yourself.