Sunday, June 10, 2007

What Should Matter

I was leaving a response to a post at Relevant Christian today and thought about what should matter to a church today.

What should matter to more and more pastors and churches today is that when the world looks at us they are not seeing something they like. And it is the reason "Church" is not growing. Although some would argue with that.

What should matter is that more and more people are dying and going to hell each and every day.

What should matter is how we are going to change the climate of our communities.

What should matter is how we are going to impact culture in a way that reaches the next generations.

What should matter is that more and more teens leave the church when they leave to college. (And it isn't the youth pastors fault.)

What should matter is the amount of homeless and hungry people "in our country".

What should matter is that one of the largest mission fields in the world is sitting in school in America Monday through Friday.

Don't know if I will post a what shouldn't matter.


Gina McClain said...

I agree, Jason. Our communities look at the church and don't like what they see b/c what they see doesn't look much different from the rest of the world. Yet we're supposed to look completely different. Francis Chan once said, "If all I knew of the church was what I read in Acts 2, then what would I expect when I enter a church building today?" What you would expect would be a community of people caring for one another and meeting each other's needs. I don't deny that exists on some levels, but that is not the standard.

Jason Curlee said...

Great quote from Francis well as the insight.