Saturday, June 02, 2007

A No Sited Blog Experiment

Well here goes. I am typing this whole blog withought looking. My hopes are that it can show that you can do this without proofing your own material before publishing.

If you are a nomal reader of this blog. Just go ahead and skip it and don't look back. If you are new to this blog. I am sorry. I was challenged by The Confessions Standand I know that there will be no way to highlight links.

This is very hard casue I acan't read where my thoughts are going.

So I am stopping now and if you read the post that is prior to this one you will know why I did it.

Aggghhhh...I really want to read this to see how it came out.


Chris Day said...

"run away! run away!"

nah it's fine. a few minor blips. again your friend is wrong. you can visit your own blog and it won't spike your attendance tracked at all.

Jason Curlee said...

OHHH...I didn't pay attention very well to your other comment on the other post...

for 10 days I'm not reading blog posts or books. He said that I'm cheating cause I'm reading my own blog....course I know he is just messing with me.