Friday, June 01, 2007

The Blogging Experiment

Ok....I can catch my breath this month and not kill everyone with blog reading overload.

Last month was a little experiment on blogging I did. I have tried different methods to get a feel of what, how, and who I will be on the blogosphere.

About mid-month I realized I was on the pace of three blogs a day. So I thought lets keep that pace. To do that though some days I had to do five or six posts.

It actually was rather easy unless they were long blogs...a lot of what I was throwing out were my feelings and thoughts at the moment. Some longer than others.

My thinking at the end of this experiment is that I need to not worry about putting out as much content.

I think to keep momentum on your blog you need to post at least once a day. Once you get to three and four a day like I was doing, I think you potentially lose some readers. Those loyal to you will have no problem but the readers that are always looking for something new will get lost in the blast.

So if you want to gain some momentum on your blog here is my advice:
  • Post great content. When people do come they want to read something good.
  • Post a minimum of once a day. Twice would be okay. Once could be on your thoughts and the other could be about your journey.
  • Contribute on others blogs. Leave comments. A lot of my hits come from leaving comments on other blogs I read. Blogging is a community and people are always looking and reading what others have to say.

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Tyler said...

I once read somewhere that if I wanted people to come read my blog, I should comment on other people's blogs.