Monday, June 11, 2007

Team Preparation Benefits

To sharpen the development of our messages, several months ago our Children's Pastor and I began to create our messages and series together. Part of this was in my response to reading The BIG IDEA – Focus the Message and Multiply the Impact" by Dave Ferguson.

A lot of pastors I talk to feel they "have" to grind our message prep alone. I have found that a team approach to preparation has many benefits for me.

1) Saved Time - Having two people bounce ideas off each other in a two hour session has enabled us to save valuable time in prepping our messages alone.
2) Sharper Theology - Developing our messages together allows us to not be isolated in our own theology. We are neither persons yes man but are a valuable check to see that we are staying on the right track in our teaching.
3) Super Creativity - We each have a knack for taking an idea and improving it. Alone it would probably fall a lot shorter and end a lot earlier than we take it.
4) Shorter Brain Cramps - Because we can talk out things we don't get stuck hardly at all.

You can read a great interview Dave posted on his blog that talks more about the Big Idea.

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