Monday, September 03, 2007

The Next Level Part 1

Imagine if you woke up one day after and what you had known all your life was changed.

How would you feel? What emotions would you have?

For example what if were born with clasped hands. That's right, you are a one-handed, two-thumbed person. This is all you have known all your life. Nothing else. Even though having two hands and ten fingers is obviously better, you have now knowledge of what it would be like for the alternative. Clasped hands are safe and normal and all you know.

Now imagine waking up one morning at 40 and you know have two hands and ten fingers.

Do you know what the reaction of most people would be...look, scream, and clasp the hands back together.

Remember, this is all you have know as the norm and even though the alternative is better, when you broke out of the norm fear caused you to go back to what was safe.

Our minds are exactly like this. Everyone of us is geared mentally to demand order. Our minds will also do everything they can to keep that order even when it makes no sense.

That's why over this series of posts we are going to talk about going to the next level in our lives. This can be in every area.

When we try to move to a new level from our present to our potential our mind will sabotage itself back to its present level.

The move from our present to our potential causes chaos for us mentally and our minds fight that chaos to return us to the stable thinking of our present.

This is why most people don't change in their lives, why churches remain the same, and why organizations don't break out of the rigid way of thinking that keeps them in their present state.

What you believe to be true and real is just a perception built upon where you are in your life. That is why we must breakout of the mental sabotage that holds us back from the higher levels God wants for our lives.

Some things we will learn:
  1. Know the difference between fantasy and vision.
  2. Knock down the moral walls that restrict you.
  3. Reset your expectations.
  4. Close the back door on your old level.
  5. Become other people focused.
  6. Create positive discontent.
  7. Learn to live in your vision reality.

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