Monday, September 10, 2007

The Next Level Part 4

So here we are "Going To The Next Level".

Last week we started this series of posts gave you the first two points to help you get to the next level: 1) Know the difference between fantasy and vision and 2) Knock down the moral walls that restrict you.

Today I want to jump right in with point number three.


"People don't get what they want, they get what they expect."

This is true not only of people but in organizations as well. Our expectations are a huge determining factor if we are to reach our potential. Those that expect to get to the next level will get there.

In sports, business or life "those that expect to win are the ones who win".

That is because your current reality is based on your expectations.

Remember back when you were in school. You had this expectation of what type of student you were. For me, I was an "A" student. By that it meant that I settled for a 90. I could care less of getting a 100 unless I needed to bring my average back up. I only studied enough to make an "A". Being an "A" student meant that I could miss a few questions no problem. Could I have been a "100" student? You bet. The potential was there and the work ethic could have been there too, if it were my expectations.

So today...reset you expectations.
  • Set your expectations to begin to reach your potential and attain that next level living.
  • Challenge your beliefs about what you believe you deserve out of life.
  • Keep yourself accountable to someone you can trust and who believes in you.
  • Surround yourself with people who are at the level you want to attain next in your life.

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