Friday, September 07, 2007

The Next Level Part 3

When you hear the words "pro-athlete" what do you associate that with?

For different people it means different things...hero, overpaid, dumb jocks, etc...

Our belief systems and the things we associate them with are tied into the moral walls that determine our reaching our potential.

Currently I am doing a series of posts on Going To The Next Level.

In our last post of this series we talked about Knowing The Difference Between Fantasy And Vision. Once you know the difference between fantasy and reality and you start learning the process of succeeding, you next need to:

Knock Down The Moral Walls That Restrict You

Most people have a pattern of thinking like this:

words -->> pictures -->> emotions -->> belief systems

It is around our beliefs that we create moral walls...this is actually great until we realize that where we want to go is not our current reality.

You begin to order your beliefs with the words you associate your beliefs with.

When we hear a word we automatically associate it in our minds with a picture. With that picture we attach an emotion that contributes to our belief system.

In order proceed to a new level we must knock down those moral walls by going back to the words to re-associate a new line of thinking.

For example...many years ago I went away from saying the word youth group. This was something we used over and over again. In many ways this word associated a small minded approach for me. A group was small...using the word ministry presented a more larger and purposeful way of doing it.

Beginning to use the words youth ministry began to knock down some moral walls for our team as well as our teens. Now we were filled with a more out-ward focused vision. It led to us growing and reaching out to more teens.

What moral walls do you need to knock down that are keeping you from reaching your potential? Begin today to associate a new way of thinking with yourself and/or your team.

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