Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Next Level Part 2

This week we started a new blog series here about Going To The Next Level. In Part 1 we talked about how everyone lives in their present and we have this unlimited potential above us. In order to get to that new level it moves us into an area of chaos that our mind hates and will try to sabotage us to keep us in the present.

This can be in all areas of our lives. We all can reach our next level whether it be in financial areas, relational areas, organizational areas and any other area you can think of.

The first way to begin to reach your potential and that next level is:

Know The Difference Between Fantasy and Vision

Most people believe in a fantasy world versus a vision for life.

This is tough because many and all of us are taught to dream big dreams for our lives and not let it hold us back. Too often those dreams really are fantasy.

Fantasy is this extravagant imagination or supposition with no solid foundation. I used to coach basketball and really hated to tell some kids the truth. There were many that had this imagination that they would play in college and that one day they would be in the NBA...only problem is they didn't have the athletic ability or skills necessary. But they would live in this fantasy world that imagined that they could. Tough part is you didn't want to crush their dreams...because you would tell them to dream big...but there has to be a solid foundation and realism to your dream. Just watch American Idol...and you will know what I mean.

The number one problem with fantasy really and truly is that when you get it, you lack the internal preparation necessary to remain at that level so you self-sabotage and lose it all.

Why do you think most of the poor people who win the lottery only end back up where they were? How many athletes have you seen get those dreams only to do something stupid to sabotage their success? Why do you think many churches can never break through those levels they dream of?

A Vision For Life though is where we can go if we are to reach our true potential and transition to the next level.

Vision entails knowing what you want (goal), understanding what it will take to get there, and applying yourself 100% to do what is required.

If you are not doing anything to prepare for the next level of success in your life, it will never come for you.

For me it has taken years of knowing what I want (to be a pastor of excellence and passion who develops others to make an impact in their world), understanding what it will take to get there (learning from the best, dying to my dreams, studying and preparing myself for the moment God makes it happen), and applying myself 100% to do what is required (that is why I spent five years at Faith Family working in their Christian School working with teens so that I would be and learn in a ministry that was doing something great).

Most churches, pastors, businesses and people aren't getting there because they don't understand and are not doing what is required to get there.

What are you going to do today to begin to move "you" to your potential? And are you going to start preparing yourself to handle it when you get there?

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