Monday, September 03, 2007

Social Networking And The Church

I spent about 6 to 7 hours working on our Journey Church Myspace today. Nice for a holiday huh?

Right now, it is our main source of web presence.

To be honest I really wish more church websites had the ability to create the social type of networking like myspace. I really don't think it can happen because you aren't going to get millions or thousands of unchurched people to sign up to a "church" network.

That is why I see myspace as a great way to reach out to other people within your city and provide interaction. To be honest I see more churches using blogs and social networking to be more effective and create more interaction. There are some churches leading the way in these areas.

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Chris said...

Our youth ministry has a MySpace and it serves as a central hub for our kids and adults. Communication is at an all time high because our kids are there all the time. We publish calendars there, devotionals, etc. It has become such an effective tool that we won't try to function without something like ever again.

I'm not sure about church wide appeal. MySpace has a jr. high feel to it, but Facebook is gaining in popularity among older people in our church. It is becoming for the larger church what MySpace is to the youth group.

I see these places as opportunities for mission work. This is where the kids are today and we MUST become better at reaching into their world to build relationships with them. We'd do this if we were going to Africa and I see the internet as the same type of mission.

I wish you well in this venture.