Sunday, September 02, 2007

Sunday Remix

Thoughts from today as I wind down the evening:
  • Journey Church was hitting today with 60 total attendance in our 6th week. Folks this is an awesome number. We have really done no major marketing at all. Only word of mouth. If you go to Journey the time is now to spread the word. Let's reach this area.
  • There were three churches meeting at our hotel location today. That is totally crazy. The Holiday Inn must be the birthplace of churches for this city.
  • I have really decided that I and my wife are not children's pastor. We do a "good" job. But we need someone in there that can do a "great" job.
  • If you would like to partner with us you can do that in several ways. We need people who want to be in on the ground floor of a movement sweeping across the Coastal Bend.
  • Let me expound on that 60 number for a moment. After 3 years the average church plant has 43 people...God is already doing something great with Journey. After 6 weeks our average attendance is 41 people. PRAISE GOD!!!
  • I'm bummed that our myspace has been down since last Wednesday. And then today it was totally down. It has been our major source of getting the word out about Journey as we build up this church to the point of getting a website. I may be breaking down tomorrow and building another one tell they do something with it.
  • Still pumped about getting 1,000 visits last month. For a guy how really is a nobody on the church scene and doesn't really have a lot of connections out there, I'm really pleased with where this blog has gone.
  • This week is our second Journey Student Connect Group. I was pumped about last week's attendance and look forward to this week. I really want to shore up a youth director soon though.
  • I really want to blog on how God uses prayer and systems to grow a church. I might do that after my next series of posts on Going To The Next Level.
  • Jacked about Heroes starting soon. Best series on doubt.
  • I'm a secret BB fan. Oops, I guess the cats out of the bag.
  • I redirected our website name to our podcast page so people could continue to listen to our podcast.
  • I busted my butt the last two days on powerpoint stuff and a video. Boy am I ready to turn that one over. Every weekend I spend about 3 hours on powerpoint. I want things to look great as we start out even though I don't have a volunteer to make them. Great thing is I have two awesome ladies stepping up to the plate to help on Sunday mornings.
  • God came through this morning for our family personally...thanks for your prayers and continual support.

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