Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Next Level Part 5

Let's get right into it today with our next point in Going to the Next Level.

Point number 4


Do you want to really move to another level personally or organizationally? If so then you have got to slam the door shut on where you were.

To your mind...chaos is what is between your present and your potential.

Chaos is what you experience when your mind, which is accustomed to order, does everything it can to stay in its current reality.

That is why you must press through. Sometimes we have to burn our ships so to speak.

The only way to convince your mind that the next level is where you need to be is to use order--the very thing your mind craves--as the reason why you should get to the next order.

So accept that you will deal with the moral walls and peoples opinions and ignore the resistance.

Break your minds ability to self-sabotage by closing the back door on the old and decide going back is not an option.

If you haven't read all of these series of posts...see The Next Level Part 1 for a list of them all.

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