Thursday, July 31, 2008

Top Blog Series

Often I write blog posts in series. I think it is mainly because I like to expound on a subject and not cram it all into one long post.

My top three viewed blog series, which also have many posts that are the top viewed posts of all time on my blog are:

1) Triple Your Youth Ministry In One Year
2) Developing A Preaching Calendar
3) Acts 1:8 Church

A couple of my series that are my personal favorites are:
These two often describe the message I am trying to move forward into people. Just thought I would take a little stroll down memory lane with you because I know with over 1,000 posts, I have a lot of blog history on here.



Thanks for sharing, Jason! I've heard some about your ministry (of course, I'm familiar with your Sr. Pastor, but I'm speaking of YOU, in particular). This is the first time, I think, that I've actually visited your site. GREAT STUFF! Very practical... and very much needed. Rock on, my friend! Hope to make your acquaintance soon. ;-)

D Plum
Mosaic Church DC, Lead Pastor

Jason Curlee said...

I'll be going on my rock tour are available....NAH

thanks D-Plum....great complements my friend....much appreciated in this season.

I'm going to get back to some practical stuff soon....I've been braggin' on our new campus....and showing people what we are doing...i'm going to blog about some practical things I see in multi-site as well.

Once again...thanks so much bro.