Saturday, November 03, 2007

Acts 1:8 Church Blog Series

This past week was a whole series on my take of Acts 1:8 from the perspective of what principles could be drag out of it on what a church should be doing. Top three take-aways were: Holy Spirit Led, Evangelistic, Reproducing.

I had some great comments that really challenged me to think through my posts again. I may try to go through them again in the future and re-flesh the thoughts out...especially on evangelistic. If you missed the series below are the links for you to get caught up.

Acts 1:8 Church Part 1
Acts 1:8 Church Part 2
Acts 1:8 Church Part 3
Acts 1:8 Church Part 4

Hey make sure you join the conversation by leaving your thoughts. I really want to hear from you.

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