Friday, August 01, 2008

Bring Clarity With Your Delivery

Don't worry...I didn't forget about our little series on The Delivery.

If your not sure what I'm talking about....I told everyone in my post "It Was In The Delivery" that I don't like listening to a lot of speakers because of a certain reason.

We then began to go about helping with a couple of posts: "Why Delivery Is So Important" and "Connect In Your Delivery".

It was about a few three years into speaking that I realized that when you were speaking to teenagers you needed to make sure you said what you needed to say and were clear about it. That's one of the reason's I started this little series. Back then there was no body helping me to show me who to speak better.

Sure I was told things like, "you've got to be prayed up" and "make sure you have the anointing". But I was never told the importance of clarity when I spoke.

One way to bring clarity is lessen your content. Often times you will see Pastor's trying to cram so much into one message that they end up all over the place. I once sat in on a message on a Sunday morning where the person speaking said the had 19 points. Another time I was able to put together a whole 5 week message series just from one single Sunday morning.

Point is it was too much. It was too much for a person to process, to follow and to be able to act on. Where could they start.

Honestly, there is no harden rule that says you have to have 3 points in a message. Yes that is better than 19 and it does boil it down a little simpler. Some of the best speakers now actually speak on one point.

The point simple and clear when you speak. Less can actually be more and help people get more out of what you are trying to say.



Thanks, Jay... I'm trying to UNlearn the whole 3-point deal. I really resonate with the 1-point sermon that Andy Stanley has now popularized. Trouble is, I'm so freakin' used to 3 points! And sometimes 4!! :-) I'm making progress, though...

Thanks for these posts, man... I'm lovin' them!


Jason Curlee said...

I really think it is about simplicity....three points are ok if they expound on one main....

I've just seen some messages that are all over the place.