Sunday, December 30, 2007

Triple Your Youth Ministry In One Year Part 1

All this week I want to give some practical approaches to growing a youth ministry. I want to help any youth pastor out there triple their youth ministry in one year.

Can it happen? You bet.

In fact, we did it twice in two different churches. In both, we were able to not just double, but triple our youth ministry in one year's time.

These series of posts are going to be written for those youth pastor's out there that dream of doing something big for God. It is about those of you who want to make incredible community impact.

Make no mistake...growth is biblical and I believe God wants to grow your youth ministry. I believe He has a heart for the teens in your community and is waiting for someone to step up to the plate and swing for the fences.

Before we get going this week, I'll be very upfront in saying this is not a debate about whether a small or large youth ministry is God's will. This is not whether we are focused on "numbers" only. It is not about "depth" of the ministry although I hope to cover it. I'm also not going to go into a lot of detail. Most of it is going to be short and sweet. I've thought about writing a lot of this into the form of an e-book, but one of my goals in life is to be able to get practical tools into the hands of ministry at little or no cost.

I can also promise you that if you are not ready for growth it probably won't happen over the next year. Some of what I'll cover will deal with that.

For a little background, in the first church our youth ministry went from averaging 30 in July to 90 by May of the next year. In the second, our youth ministry went from averaging 24 to averaging 75 in one years time. These are monthly averages of our weekly attendance. These were also both in small least small by my standards. Both averaged between 300 to 500 in attendance at the time of our growth. The first was in a community of 25,000. The other was in a city of 275,000. Our growth was also in no way attributed to the church growing through that season as both churches attendance over the year stayed pretty much flat. Reason I know is I counted.

Here is a sample of what we will be covering:
So strap in as I'm ready to help you grow your youth ministry!!!

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