Monday, September 10, 2007

Journey Church Praise Report

I know this is never gonna get old and when I hear about them I'm gonna shout it to the roof here it goes.

This week we received this testimony from Pam who is a faithful partner of Journey Church.

Two Sundays ago I agreed in prayer with her and one week later she had this to say.
Wayne has had several major health problems in the last five years...God has seen him though and healed Him time and time again!!!

The latest miracle...
Wayne had been having some chest pain for several weeks, and decided to go see his dr. The doctor ordered a chest x-ray and results showed old scar tissue and some new active lesions on his lungs.

The doctor told him at that point they would test for tuberculosis and cancer. They did the tuberculosis arm/test and said to come back in 2 days, and then a (PET) test for cancer would be scheduled. Wayne being Wayne, thought now would probably be a good time to tell me/Pam what was going on. I didn't know any of this was going on ......Hellooooooooooo, So he came home and told me.

I am a believer in God's word, I believe that God healing power is for All of us, not just the"good church going people" as Wayne believes. I immediately began to pray and stand on God's promises, (I love IIChronicles 20) took authority in Jesus Name, and came against the assignment of tuberculosis and cancer in Wayne's body! And just started praising God. I thank God that, I was able to reach out to my prayer partners, and knew to call on the elders of the church to stand in agreement with me boldly before the throne of God in Jesus Name. After all He is The Great Physician!!!

Two days later the tb test was negative. Wayne went for the cancer PET scan, on Wednesday. On Friday he went back to the Dr. for the results. The Dr., to say the least was a little confused....The PET scan showed, all old scar tissue, that he said looked like old tuberculosis scars, NO new active disease that was reported in the first x-ray and NO tuberculosis NO cancer. Glory be to God!

I want to thank you and Journey Church for being the obedient, sincere, loving people that God has called you to be.

I see the heart of Jesus in this family of God! For sure, for sure! I love you all.
Come on now folks...give it up for God.

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