Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Warrior Within

I heard a great comment that I want to quote. This weekend we saw United Live at Lakewood in Houston...TOTALLY AWESOME. The intensity of worship was awesome. I was taking it all in. The building, the lights, the sound....and in the midst of all that I tried to worship.

Joel Houston told of a diary entry from a teen in their ministry in Australia who died. This teen had written, "what good is the armor of God without the warrior inside." It has had me thinking ever since that night. Many years ago I always felt my life sort of paralled David. Well ok I know I'm not king or anything...yet...LOL What I always felt is that I have been passionate about worship as he was. I felt God had created me to be a warrior. Well for a few years now I have let that slip away. It is time for me to regain that warrior spirit. Time for me to let the warrior loose within me once again.

God has destined my wife and I to do something great here at Church of Hope. Something that has never been done before. Something that is going to rock the world. We are partnering with a great group of teens and people and a pastor who wants to build something significant.

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arnie said...

That is awsome!! I feel the church as a whole has had several wake up calls but unfortunatly we keep hitting the snooze!!