Friday, August 11, 2006

Feels Like It Gets Better And Better

This Wednesday was another great night....52 in attendance and 11 first time visitors....what that tells me is our teens are doing it....they are the ones that are bringing their friends.

All we have done is facilitate the proper atmosphere where they can make a difference. The cornerstones of our service are having an awesome time of worship where teens can have an encounter with God...a offering time where teens can give of themselves to God....a short time of friendship making....a relevant and practical message...and an altar call where lives can be turned around.

Our worship band, Frontline, is getting so fired up about leading teens to the throne. Everytime they learn a new song I see them getting more and more passionate about what they are doing. This week they learned "Take It All" by United Live. They must have sung it 10 times after service and people were just staying and watching and singing and dancing along. It was awesome. At one time there were about 40 people after service just watching was cool to see God using them.

The weekend is upon us and we will be going to Victoria on Saturday for a Volleyball game. Today I'm at home and am going to hopefully get some undisturbed work done. Fridays are one of my days off and I usally just relax. Today I am going to get some work done for our Back To School Bash. I had been working on flyers and stuff for it. If you in the Corpus Area come out and check it out. You can get a look at our youth ministry at


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