Saturday, August 19, 2006

A Battle Cry

This week marked the 3rd week in a row where we have had over 50 in our service. It is now official we have doubled the amount of teens in our service since we first arrived in April. Although there is some great excitement in me about this achievement. There is also a great desire to do more. The battle is on and I can feel the enemy is aware and that we are going to bring him a fight.

Currently, among teens born after 1984, there are only 4% that are Bible-Believing Christians. That number has to change if our country is to remain a Christian. The battle is great for teens out there. The enemy knows if he can secure this generation that he can change the course of our country.

I have vowed to do all I can for the next 5 years to make sure that this doesn't happen. But it is going to take more than me. I can do my part but it is going to take Sr. Pastors, Youth Pastors, Adults and teens alike to realize and get out of the current box we are in.
Recently to show my devotion I signed up for a battlecry at I encourage everyone to do this. Especially if you are in Church of Hope. Join the battle with me. Link arms with me and lets go after and win this generation. Doing this will show me just how serious you are in this battle. If you are in Church of Hope you can join our church group there at BattleCry to show your support..

You can view mine at

My goal is to not only change this city but to help other youth pastors and teens everywhere to make a greater impact in their lives. As we join this fight together we can defeat the enemies plans to rob this generation.

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