Sunday, August 06, 2006

To Make A Difference

Well, here I am up really late on a Saturday night....That Monster Drink has me wired....I have just been sitting here surfing for worship music and also just going through some friends sites on Myspace.

This weekend has kind of been a lazy weekend. My kiddos are off visiting their grandparents and are enjoying it so my wife and I have been home alone. This week I start a new will be a short two week series called "Beyond our Borders" I will be challenging our youth to reach out priming them for our Back to School Bash that is happening on Aug. 30th.

I am about to start prepping for our Young Adult Compass Class in the morning. We have been going through "Battle Cry for My Generation" By Ron Luce. Tomorrow I get to teach them.
Many good things going on but through it all there seems to be a hunger growing in me once again. It seems that I am never satisfied with being status quo. I really don't think God wants us to be. I know His desire is to see us growing in our relationship with Him. I also know He wants us to grow spiritually. Getting back into Pastoring has ignited a spark in me again. I really want to do something beyond the norm. As we build this youth ministry here I see something that is going to it's hard to explain it. It is like I can close my eyes and see it but words can't seem to come out. I was explaining it to one of my best friends, Juno, the other day. I was really sharing my heart with Him telling him where I felt we were going. He is one of my top leaders. I just really want to make a huge difference with my life. I feel like God has put so much in me and I just want to get it all out for Him. I just want to let it all hang out for God and see what can happen.

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