Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Ask Twitter: Favorite Twitter Tools

If you are going to twitter and really be serious about it, then your gonna have to use a couple of tools. By tools I mean other websites or downloadable applications. There are twitter tools for PC's or MAC's,

These will allow you to do several things of which I'll breakdown as I talk about them. Here are my absolute top twitter tools:
  1. - This is my number one tool. It is a downloadable application that takes your feed and helps you break it down into a manageable stream of information. You can set up certain groups of people so you don't miss any of thier tweets. You can add a certain search term that will search for certian topics. It will gather all your @ replies unlike the web version that only collects them if the @name starts the tweet. If you are going to twitter from your computer this is a highly recommended tool.
  2. - This is a great web application that will show you people you follow that don't follow you back or vice versa...those that follow you but you don't follow. I personally use it to unfollow people that don't follow me back. (One of my twitter rules)
  3. -SocialToo allows me to auto-follow or auto-unfollow people as well as leave them a thank you direct message.
  4. Twitterfeed - This application allows me to post the feed of my blog to my twitter so that when ever I post it sends a tweet to let everyone know.
  5. - This site is a great place to search for people. Just type in a search term like "Pastor" or "innovation" and it will go to work.
  6. - Come can twitter and not know how your doing. Just type in your twitter name and it will grade your page. It will also show you the top twitter people in your city or even industry by hitting the search tab and entering a search term.
  7. - This will show you in graph form how many people follow you day to day and will predict where you will be at next month.
  8. -This site will give you a full breakdown of your tweets: tweets per hour, tweets per month, tweet timeline, reply statistics and much more. Just type in your twitter name and it will go to work.
Those are the one's I use, so, it being our theme, I asked my twitter friends what tools they use. Some didn't leave website addresses for their tools but if you google them you will surely find them:
  1. @soverpeck,,
  2. @daveingland my favorite twitter tool is tweetdeck. second favorite is
  3. @hbuzzell PowerTwitter; TwitterFox and TwitterBar
  4. @OnlineDisciples Twhirl
  5. @NickHempsey Tweetdeck, and
  6. @daniellesuzanne oops: twit this
  7. @gbrandonc I use twitterfox. I am not crazy about tweetdeck.
  8. @aaronjbates TweetDeck,, Spaz
  9. @rajean I'm a newbie, but I use, I know it's only 2. Hope it helps. Rajean
  10. @SloweThinking Stephen Lowe - tweetdeck, twitterberry and twitterfeed
  11. @tahitipearls tweetdeck and twitterfon for iPhone!
  12. @ExistentialPunk twhirl and Twitter Search
  13. @jdarnell Tweetdeck and Twitterberry & TinyTwitter on the Blackberry to manage two separate Twitter accts... grader and Mr. Tweet
  14. @djchuang twitterfon and tweetdeck and twitterfox
  15. @Johnwsnyder Tweetie and Tweetdeck
  16. @Harrisongivens tweetdeck for the mac, tweetie for iPhone... Twitterfon is also
  17. @tylersorrells my fave twitter tool is my cellphone. retro style here no blackberry or iphone here! lol
  18. @dawnnicole Tweetdeck [desktop] Tweetie [iPhone] & Twitterberry
  19. @shanenassiri I like the browser Flock. Not only is it a Twitter client, but it also handles Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Digg, RSS Feeds, more
  20. @BJHewitt Tweetie and Twitterfon on iPhone.... On computer Twhirl
  21. @KevinLyons on iPhone Tweetie is #1 for me.
  22. @LaurenceTom I use Tweetdeck & Twitterfox [desktop] + Twitterfone [iphone]
Do you have some twitter tools you like to use? Leave a comment and share with us.

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Toby said...

I've tried most of the iPhone apps for Twitter, but none compare to Twittelator Pro. Good stuff!

Bill Reichart said...

I luv

Is anybody else using it?